Molteni&C. Holistic well-being

The narrative behind Molteni&C’s new collections speaks of harmony with a holistic vision that extends into the various nuances of living with a clearly defined style, where décor and shapes are soft, and space is consistent

by Claudia Giulia Ferrauto

Enveloping shapes, fabrics with soft hues, and material weave in Marta Ferri’s Dadirri collection enhance the rounded shapes of the upholstered furniture with essences like natural oak and eucalyptus to be touched and admired when the light hits them bringing out their grain. The environments are highly versatile thanks to equipped walls that can adapt to various functions, from work to relaxation, but every detail is also part of a unitary principle animating the whole design. In this view, the furniture and modular systems become the heart of the organisation of these spaces. The lead role in the living space is played by two novelties in the collection, which have an independent role in the home: Vincent Van Duysen’s Living Box and Nicola Gallizia’s 505 UP-Harry’s Bar. The former is based on an architectural project which, reduced in scale, has been transformed into a piece of furniture without doors lit up by built-in LED lighting framed within a structure in iris and pewter where interior and exterior are counterposed in the use of different precious materials. Gallizia’s piece, on the other hand, is an update of the style of the bar cabinet, which has been inserted as a pendant in the 505 system as an evolution of the iconic piece already present in Molteni&C’s offer.

505 UP-Vano Harry’s.

One of the new entries at Molteni&C is based on the ability to renew one of the cult pieces by the brand by innovating the bar cabinet with the introduction of Nicola Gallizia’s 505 UP- Harry’s Bar in the configuration.

Molteni&C|Dada 2022 proposes a revisitation of the famous Blevio table from 1930 signed by Ignazio Gardella, in two versions: coated in Breccia Capraia marble and metal powder varnished wood.


Among the main icons in Molteni’s Heritage Collection, the Blevio table, designed in 1930 by Ignazio Gardella, is now being proposed in two versions: with a coating in Breccia Capraia marble and in metal powder varnished wood whose reflections recall the copper coating of the original version. There are no fewer innovations in the night area, thanks to Rodolfo Dordoni’s 7070, a complete system, finished with precious materials and front panels with rounded corners, nightstands equipped with precious handles in pewter with – as an element of novelty – the overlayed drawer-tray in eucalyptus with top in Millerighe ribbed transparent glass or eucalyptus.

1. Cleo by Vincent Van Duysen. 2. 7070 by Rodolfo Dordoni. 3. Janet by Vincent Van Duysen. 4. Sutton by Rodolfo Dordoni. 5. Blevio by Ignazio Gardella. 6. Aldgate by Rodolfo Dordoni. 7. Yoell by Vincent Van Duysen. 8. Gatwick by Rodolfo Dordoni. 9. Living Box by Vincent Van Duysen.

To remain within the night area, we also find the closet and walk-in closet system Gliss Master, signed by Vincent Van Duysen, which is enriched with the new front panels Lunar, in brushed polymer, and Smooth, in smooth faux leather. Gliss Master can be provided with a new system of interior accessories with soft faux leather containers. Among the many new projects, the Tivalì kitchen certainly deserves a mention: the forerunner of the concept “Everything in a Small Space”, designed by Dante Bonuccelli in 2004, which has now evolved into the versions Tivalì 2.0 and Tivalì 2.0 Yabu Pushelberg. In the former case, the novelty consists in the introduction of the new ergonomic handle in solid wood and the new mechanism of sliding doors which can be configured in 3 different heights and 2 widths, with endless configuration options for the interior, including the Stripe cabinet.

7070 by Rodolfo Dordoni.

With Rodolfo Dordoni’s 7070 the sleeping area is enriched by precious materials, and front panels with rounded corners, thanks to a night system full of allure to respond to the demands of contemporary living. The night area is enriched with new perceptions thanks to the closet and walk-in-closet system where finishes and materials give Vincent Van Duysen’s Gliss Master an extremely elegant overall vision.

«This year the products have been stimulated by a strong desire not to sacrifice fluidity, sensuality, and comfort. The concept of comfort is visually translated into the tactile nature of the materials. Our eye is guided over every curve while a great sense of calm emanates from the entire range. The notion of protection, and shelter, is very important in my work and I think the collection conveys this well. It envelops us in these fluid shapes as if we were inside a cocoon where we would like to stay forever».
Vincent Van Duysen

Gliss Master by Vincent Van Duysen.

While Tivalì 2.0 Yabu Pushelberg presents itself as a large closed cabinet with an immediately impactful interior, thanks to the “amphitheater” configuration where the arched working top in marble or stone, and the inclined end units give this kitchen an unusual spaciousness. The marble back functions as a theatrical backdrop and then, as in any stage worthy of its name, the lighting perfectly lights up the scene, thanks to the built-in LED system on the shelves. Going back to the living area, among Molteni&C’s novelties signed by Vincent Van Duysen, is the modular system Cleo, which is the result of the combination of various elements, straight, corner, and island – that allows users to create various compositions suitable for any kind of living space. The heart of the project is the outer shell, which works like a harmoniously curved cocoon embracing the seat and backrest seamlessly. The shell can be covered in fabric or leather.

Tivalì 2.0 by Yabu Pushelberg.
Tivalì 2.0 by Dante Bonuccelli.

With Tivalì 2.0, Dante Bonuccelli relaunches his design from 2004 by skilfully playing with new details and finishes for the shell of a kitchen composition that optimizes space. This design is echoed by Yabu Pushelberg’s Tivalì 2.0, which plays with the surprise and theatricality of a highly spectacular and elegant interior. 

«The home aspires towards holistic well-being and organic playfulness», says creative director Vincent Van Duysen, who seeks lightness and fluidity in this design. «It is a hymn to a light kind of design, which is inspired by the great example of modernist pavilions. Dynamic spaces characterised by light lines, skilfully combined with details and materials that create products with soft shapes».

1. Aldgate by Rodolfo Dordoni. 2. Gatwick by Rodolfo Dordoni. 3. Blevio by Ignazio Gardella. 4. Cleo by Vincent Van Duysen. 5. 7070 by Rodolfo Dordoni. 6. Blevio by Ignazio Gardella. 7. Living Box by Vincent Van Duysen. 8. Tivalì 2.0 by Yabu Pushelberg. 9. Tivalì 2.0 by Yabu Pushelberg. 10. Sutton by Rodolfo Dordoni. 11. Gliss Master by Vincent Van Duysen. 12. Yoell by Vincent Van Duysen. 13. Cleo by Vincent Van Duysen. 14. Intersection Monomaterica by Vincent Van Duysen.

The modular system Cleo, which can be declined in various configurations, characterises the living area with a welcoming tone emphasised by the curvy shell. The design is signed by Vincent Van Duysen.

And while the previous collections had paid homage to the great personalities of international modernism, today Molteni quotes its atmospheres, evokes its elegance, and proposes related and friendly environments, where interiors and exteriors permeate each other. An extraordinarily chic, yet sober, idea of space, which seeks its references in the elegance and materials of Nature.

Above, Living box, designed by Vincent Van Duysen, springs from an architectural concept that evolves into a piece of furniture and presents itself with the power of a painting of living.

(Molteni&C, holistic well-being – – December 2022)