ZAR Formenti: test passed

ZAR Formenti has successfully passed the inspection for the fourth consecutive renewal of the NMMA quality certification

zar formenti

Luca Formenti and NMMA Inspector Steve Carrier

The NMMA quality certification assesses compliance with the safety and construction standards of IBYC, US Coast Guard and EPA in addition to the requirements of the NMMA quality standard.

“A special thanks goes to the NMMA inspector, Steve Carrier, for having guided us over the years with professionalism towards the achievement of quality and regulatory standards essential to address the severe U.S. market – said Piero Formenti, founder of Zar Formenti, vice president of Ucina Confindustria Nautica and president of Ebi (European Boating Industry).

zar formenti

Luca Formenti has been able to accept all the suggestions of the Supervisor, bringing ZAR Formenti to be the only Italian company producing RIB to have this quality certification, and to be admitted for the fourth time in a row as a member of the production sector of the National Marine Manufacturer Association, which brings together the most important companies in the nautical sector of the United States.

Zar Formenti is now at the Miami Boat Show with its new Lux range from ZarMini.