SLAM announces the new FOIL Collection 2022/2023

The first arrivals of the new FOIL collection are already available in SLAM flagship stores in major Italian cities and online on the new website.

It has taken 13 months since the new ownership took over, that ‘SLAM IS BACK‘, the promise made on 31 May in Milan at the launch event for the new course of the technical clothing brand founded in Genoa in 1979, has become reality with the presentation of the new FOIL collection.

“This collection is our tribute to the sailing of the future,” proudly declares Enrico Chieffi, A.D. of since July 2021, who first believed in and wanted to create this innovative and exclusive line of technical apparel, “we started working on this new project immediately last year, starting from the idea of involving our Dream Team of athletes in the design phase, because they are the ones who successfully use foil technology and who know what it takes to sail at the top. Their contribution has been decisive in arriving at innovative solutions dedicated to sailing safely on the water”.

Alessandra Dubbini and Marco Gradoni

The entire collection has been conceived to obtain innovative, linear and high-performance garments, thanks also to the latest technologies that have come onto the market. In fact, in particular for the first layer, Seamless technology has been used, which makes it possible to obtain garments without seams in contact with the skin, the absence of seams allowing total freedom of movement. Body Mapping technology was also used, which allows the yarns to be used according to where more compression is needed or not. Both technologies, combined with an extremely sporty look, allow SLAM’s Seamless garment to be used in winter or in northern climates even in the gym, on the mountains, or on a bicycle, making it an extremely versatile garment.

Matteo Iachino

As far as colours are concerned, SLAM started with traditional colours, mixed and blended in such a way as to give the collection a precise identity. The red sleeve, black body and grey sides represent the colour block of the collection, which in this way acquires a striking identity and uniqueness.

The SLAM flagship stores that host the new collection have had a makeover and the website, too, has been given a new digital look with a more sporty and innovative look, perfectly in line with the brand’s new positioning. Here are the athletes of the SLAM Dream Team wearing the new line.

In the opening photo, Ruggero Tita and Caterina Banti with the new SLAM garments.

(SLAM announces the new FOIL Collection 2022/2023 – – September 2022)