Riva Bahamas 76, advancing a tradition

The  Riva Bahamas 76 has a high-impact design. This sporty and stylish vessel is packed with details that illustrate how the Riva tradition is advancing. Powered by two 1324 kW Man engines, we reached the top speed of 37 knots

by Angelo Colombo – photo by Guido Cantini

Bahamas is the open version that accompanies the Perseo sportfly, sharing the same waterlines. This yacht is almost 24 metres long and will appeal to people with sophisticated tastes, for whom numerous little details have been added starting from the design. In this case too, the yacht was designed by the Officina Italiana Design established by Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta.

Riva 76 Bahamas Barchemagazine

Despite its modern look, it is still in keeping with the Riva spirit, succeeding in bringing its concepts up to date by bringing new life to that unique atmosphere every time.

Mauro Micheli states: «The open Riva Bahamas 76 inherits her name from a boat I designed in the 1990s. She takes her size from the 76’ Perseus, while the 88’ Florida lends her the roof that transforms the boat from open to coupe, a successful element that we wanted to feature again on a smaller scale. However, this is a totally new model to all intents and purposes, with a character all of its own. Starting with the shark grey colour of the hull, which goes well with the bleached wood used extensively in the interiors, giving the boat style and a fresh new look».

The hull and roof are manually laminated with vinyl ester resin, while the points subject to the most stress feature high-performance materials such as Kevlar and carbon.

Other materials, including hollow-core, high-quality gel coats and external resin skins for uncompromising finishes, have been used to combine impeccable aesthetics with strength and durability, even on particularly warm seas.

Riva76 Bahamas Barchemagazine

The helm provides an impression of total control. The quality of the control panel arrangement, as well as the prestigious materials, provides all-round visibility at all speeds and equally good control over all the steering instruments.

Riva 76’ Bahamas is not just beautiful, but also highly functional. Her performance matches the nautical gran turismo look. Levels of comfort are exceptional even at the top speed of more than 37 knots, and you can talk at a normal tone of voice by the control panel while sipping a drink.

We tried the more powerful version with two 1,324-kw Man engines, in-line transmissions and Vim propellers with adjustable pitch to optimise performance during the tuning phase. The hull is equipped with a Seakeeper NG16 gyroscopic system to ensure stability.

The garage, with tender deployment system, houses a Williams 385. The Riva Bahamas 76 is very well balanced during sailing, making it possible to manoeuvre without hesitation even at high speeds, carrying out approaches with a radius never exceeding a length and a half of the boat at a speed of over 30 knots. The passage over the waves is what you would expect from this type of yacht, with no unexpected jolts or disturbance.

Riva 76 Bahamas Master cabin barchemagazine

All this entails a sensation of immediate confidence at the helm, because her excellent governability is also apparent in restricted waters, where the electronic management of the thrust lever, propellers and servo-assisted steering gear make approaches simple and safe. Everything is naturally under control. When at sea every system is controlled on large monitors, which are clearly visible even under direct sunlight and, above all, when cruising at high speed.

Safe and decisive, as fun as a more compact motorboat, but as comfortable as a 24-metre yacht should be.

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Riva Bahamas 76
Officina Italiana Design of Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta • Product Strategy Committee of the Ferretti Group • Engineering Department of the Ferretti Group

HULL LOA 23.25m • Maximum beam 5.75m • Draft 1.98m • Light mass displacement 52.30m • Full mass displacement 60.5 t • Fuel tank volume 5,600 l • Water tank volume 840 l

MAIN PROPULSION  2 MAN v12 1,800 hp • Outlet mechanical power 1324 kW • Number of cylinders 12  90° V-shaped • Bore&Stroke 128mm x 157mm • Displacement 24.2 l •  Maximal rotational speed 2340/min


PRICE 3,550,000 € Exclusive VAT (November 2017)

(Riva Bahamas 76, advancing a tradition – Barchemagazine.com – November 2017)