Riva 100 Corsaro, trueborn

Riva 100 Corsaro: officina Italiana Design’s work is unmistakable, as is the style of the brand, which has become iconic in the yachting world

 by Maria Roberta Morso, photo by Alberto Cocchi

With extraordinary refinement and skill, Riva managed to transfer the charm and timeless style of its motorboats to larger-scale models, in a range encompassing everything from the small Iseo, just over 8 m long, to the 88’ Florida open yacht and the Super Domino coupé.

RIVA 100 Corsaro

The new model Riva 100 Corsaro, is a perfect example of this. A 50-metre Riva is also due to be launched soon, and the previews and all expectations suggest it will both feature and show off all of the brand’s stylistic traits. The starting point in the development of the design for the Corsaro was the shape of the exterior. It took months of research and meticulous honing to achieve the purity and harmony that sets it apart.

The concept was developed with the utmost attention to stylistic details, adding or removing a centimetre here or there, adjusting the gradient of a curve or altering the relationship between various elements and materials.

The final design is multifaceted, dynamic and fluid, with nothing incongruous sticking out, and the colour does the rest. Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta are always working on colour pairings. In this case, the metallic silvery grey of the hull, Shark Grey, is broken up by the black strips of the long windows and the Bright Black details that highlight the superstructure, crowned in turn by a graceful carbon-fibre hardtop.

«With the 100’ Corsaro, Riva is once more a leading player in the flybridge market», Stefano de Vivo, Chief Commercial Officer of the Ferretti Group, declared at the presentation of this model. And it’s hard to argue with him.

Riva 100 Corsaro 9The Riva 100 Corsaro makes an impression with its character and ineffable beauty. And it seems the market has responded well to it, with orders flooding in from Asia, the Middle East and Europe. The shipyard in La Spezia, currently the only one in the Group producing this model, is having to work flat out to keep up with orders.

The Corsaro is described as a semi-custom boat, and the level of customisation available is certainly high. There are many differences in style and layout between Bernadette, the first unit delivered to Hong Kong, and the second, Wild One, which we visited. At the request of the Asian owner, there is a full-beam lounge at the bow of the main deck, equipped with sophisticated A/V systems and, most importantly of all, a karaoke machine.

The owner suite has been moved to the lower deck, near the centre of the boat, and occupies the area, which, in the standard version, houses two guest cabins. In the ‘European’ version, the owner suite is at the bow end of the main deck, with four guest cabins on the lower deck. Riva 100 Corsaro 5

The interior of Wild One matches its exterior design very closely. The style is highly sophisticated, with wood, leather, steel, marble, carbon-fibre decorations, severe lines, and details worth investigating one at a time, in their entirety.

As well as design and style, the Riva 100 Corsaro is also a great piece of engineering. One obvious example is at the extreme stern, where the garage door, with a few, very simple movements, can be lowered and tilted so the tender and other water toys slide into the water. The central part can be moved to different depths below water to make getting in or out of the water easier, or, when above water, it provides a small but ample beach to relax after a swim.

The very spacious cockpit is furnished with a long, rectangular table for an al-fresco lunch or dinner, shaded by the overhang of the superstructure.

A sliding door leads to an airy and fresh environment, with a definite maritime feel. The windows are huge, and the panorama seems to infiltrate the saloon. Next to the cockpit, the sitting area is furnished with an L-shaped Minotti sofa upholstered in a plain-coloured fabric, facing two sophisticated red leather Brooklyn armchairs from Poltrona Frau.

Riva 100 Corsaro 7While the sitting area has a carpeted floor, the dining area is marked by a Calacatta Vagli Rosato marble surface. The eight-seater Acerbis International table, with a glass top, is surrounded by Poltrona Frau Fitzgerald chairs in cream-coloured leather.

To the left of the dining area, a glass door offers access to the side walkway, where a section of the bulwark is folded over to create a balcony. It is only a small area, but the feeling it creates of opening out onto the sea is striking. Having returned to the saloon, we admire the smooth rift walnut walls, enhanced with steel edges, and dark brown hand-stitched leather tiles.

The warmth and colour of the wood and leather create a very welcoming atmosphere, and the light that pervades the environment is soft, not blinding. The expert use of mirrored surfaces, like the doors that separate the saloon from the lobby and the owner suite, create depth and expand the space. The same trick is used in the guest cabins, where the smoked glass mirrors on the walls make the rooms feel larger and increase the amount of light. There are storage compartments throughout the saloon.

Towards the stern the layout splits. To the left is the owner suite, while on the right is a small lobby, with stairs down to the lower deck. The galley takes up a large, square space on the right of the deck, between the stairway and the owner cabin. Equipped with Miele appliances, it also includes an elegant dinette, which can be used either by the crew or by guests. The steering gear, positioned centrally, is on a half deck accessed via the main deck or the flybridge.

Returning once again to the saloon, we go into the owner suite, which is impressively large and refined. One noteworthy detail is that the door between the saloon and the suite, once open, integrates fully with the wall. A large dressing room opens onto the corridor leading to the cabin. Riva 100 Corsaro 3

In the cabin, like the saloon, the highly linear design is softened by the use of rift walnut and dark brown leather. The environment features warm, plain colours, enlivened by red accents, like the dressing table stool made of Hermes leather and the Hermes cashmere cushions.

The full-beam bathroom is clad in Magic Brown marble and divided into sections for optimum functionality. There are two basins in the centre, showers to the left and a cubicle with toilet and bidet to the right.

In the lower deck, four guest cabins face onto a large lobby – three double rooms and one twin room. The three double beds are positioned along the beam, with the headboard against the side of the boat beneath a large window with an openable porthole. The bedspreads and blankets are made by Ivano Redaelli, as in the owner’s cabin. The guest suites are furnished with the same materials as the owner’s suite, with the only difference being the marble in the bathroom, which for guests is Amani Brown.

Next we go up two levels and go out onto the flybridge. This area, dedicated in its entirety to relaxing outdoors, is partially shaded by a sophisticated carbon-fibre hardtop. Here you can eat lunch or dinner in comfort around the table, sip a cocktail at the bar or enjoy the Paola Lenti Orlando sofas with adjustable backs and Sand armchairs at the stern.

Shade can also be created in the stern area by erecting a lightweight awning, supported by four carbon-fibre poles. The outdoor helmsman’s station is on the right at the stern end of the flybridge, while on the left there are two more armchairs for those who want a close view of what the helmsman is up to.

And the outdoor areas don’t stop there. Next to the steering gear, accessed via a set of stairs at the end of the starboard-side passageway on the main deck, is a large area on two levels dedicated to sunbathing and relaxation, and equipped with a sunbed and a C-shaped forward-facing sofa. Both the sunbed and sofa can be shaded by charcoal-grey awnings supported by carbon-fibre poles.

Riva 100 Corsaro Wild One has two MTU 16V 2000 M93 engines, giving the boat a top coasting speed of 26.5 knots. For transfers, at an economical speed of 11.5 knots, the two engines consume 100 litres per hour. The model is also available with more powerful engines. For example, unit no. 1 has two M94 series MTU engines, with a top speed of approximately 28 knots. From number 5 onwards, however, the shipyard opted for MTU 16V 2000 M96 and M96L engines.


Officina Italiana Design (Exterior design) • Officina Italiana Design (Interior design) • Ferretti Group Engineering (Naval architecture & engineering)
HULL: LOA 29.90m  • Waterline length 22.30m • Beam 6.70m • Draft 2.26m • Full mass displacement 110t • Fuel tank volume 9000l • Water tank volume 1.320l • Building material fiberglass • Guest cabins 5 • Crew cabins 3
MAIN PROPULSION: 2 x Mtu 16V2000 M93/94/96/96L • M93 2.400bhp at 2.450 rpm 1.790kW • M94 2.600bhp at 2.450 rpm 1.939kW • M96 2.400bhp at 2.450 rpm 1.790kW • M96L 2.600bhp at 2.459 rpm 1.939kW • In line transmission
Certification: EC Cat. B+F+Aa (sound emission) RINA

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