Pulse 63, the full electric drive from Negrinautica and RS Electric Boats

Designed for electric propulsion, the Pulse 63 is available in different layouts and customisations. The official presentation at the Genoa Boat Show

The newcomer has shapes designed to reduce drag, promote rapid acceleration and increase autonomy. It is the result of a collaboration between RS Electric Boats, a company that is part of the RS Group, which also includes RS Sailing, which produces, among others, the RS21 the latest generation sailing monotype, and Negrinautica, the exclusive dealer for Italy, Switzerland and the Adriatic basin countries.

The boat is made from environmentally sustainable materials such as recycled PET and carbon, linen fibre and bioderived resins and is equipped with a specially developed inboard electric motor. The 45 kWh capacity batteries are automotive-derived and are housed in a specially designed box for maximum protection from external agents and shocks; the Pulse 63 complies with ISO TS 23625 on on-board batteries thanks also to the Battery Management System developed in-house by RS.

RS Electric is a partner of the RS21 class and from 28 September to 2 October the Pulse 63 will provide support for the Italian RS21 Championship in Sardinia at the Marina di Puntaldia and then return for a series of test drive days until the end of the year

Pulse 63, different versions available

Compared to a traditional outboard it has more space on board and is available in 4 versions: Leisure, Work, Coach and Superyacht. You can also customise the Pulse to suit your needs via a list of options and layouts.

The Pulse 63, say RS Electric Boats and Negri Nautica, is not a simple electrification of a traditional hull with an electric outboard, but a totally new design, with water lines and design, specifically studied for electric propulsion. Performance with a 47 kW engine is a top speed of 23 knots and a range that varies from 100 nautical miles, 185 km, at 5 knots to 25 nautical miles, 46 km, at 23 knots. An additional 36 kWh battery is available as an option to increase the range. 

The Pulse 63 will be on display at stand SN 26 – Sailing World, at the 62nd Genoa International Boat Show from 22 to 27 September

(Pulse 63, the full electric drive from Negrinautica and RS Electric Boats – Barchemagazine.com – September 2022)