Perennials Fabrics and Rugs, be inspired by nature

Perennials Fabrics and Rugs’ high-quality fabric collection Cloud 9 is an ideal proposal for homes and yachts

by Sophia Negri – photo by © Aaron Leitz

The Cloud 9 collection is composed of ten fabrics, Sheer Genius, Prism, Knotty, Fresh Angle, Lines in the Sand, Cloudscape, This ‘n That, Top Notch, To the Point and Icebreaker; and five rugs, Daydreams, Double Date, Brush Work, Strato, and On Deck.

Cloud 9 also introduces Knotty, an abstract representation of wood in soft colours, and Icebreaker with a textural craquelure pattern that is soft to the touch. Lines in the Sand, which is reminiscent of the warm spring sunshine on the beach, is a chenille upholstery that mimics the texture of aged silk. 

«For Spring of 2022 we have imagined new beginnings, a fresh perspective in design», says Ann Sutherland, Co-Founder and CEO of Perennials Fabrics and Rugs. «Cloud 9 perfectly embodies my vision for this year’s collection, a true representation of nature, its colours and sober elegance that emanates a timeless style. From the geometric craquelure pattern inspired by Arctic icebergs, to the snow falling to the ground in a soft ton-sur-ton melange. Then the rebirth of spring when the textures become more organic and the colours more atmospheric up until the dynamic movements in a geometric repetition of different tones».

Cloud 9 offers a wide design range of adaptable rugs with thin patterns, bold overlapping and blended shapes, and splendid colour nuances.

The Cloud 9 collection is inspired by nature and can have either a textural craquelure pattern, which is exceptionally soft to the touch, or is reminiscent of the warm spring sunshine on the beach. The chenille upholstery mimics the texture of aged silk.

Both the fabrics and rugs by Perennials are resistant to staining, fading, and mildew. They are easy to maintain and bleach-cleanable, without sacrificing the colors. Furthermore, they are particularly resistant to bad weather, so they will continue to beautify your living areas for many years (and parties) to come.

(Perennials Fabrics and Rugs, be inspired by nature – – May 2022)