Nanni Generator Soundless

Nanni presented at the Cannes Yachting Festival 2023 the Soundless version of the marine generator in models Q2400 and 20CM50

Having the right engineering on board to power all the equipment needed for optimal and safe navigation is very important. With more than 70 years of experience in marinization, Nanni wants to do it quietly so that every boater can enjoy the calmness of the sea while cruising thanks to the Soundless version of its generators with sound insulation.

This technology with improved acoustic materials makes it possible to reduce the noise level to 61.7 db, the lowest currently on the market. This version has a compact design, is powered by a four-stroke diesel engine and a heat exchanger cooling system (seawater/cooling liquids). Nanni strives for excellence by offering complete marine solutions with a range of unique and powerful products, from engines to monitoring and control systems, all powered by its generators, for both professional and recreational boating applications. To support its customers throughout the life cycle of its products, Nanni has an extensive worldwide network of service centers with trained, qualified and responsive agents.

– Compact Design & Easy Maintenance
– Powered by a four-stroke diesel engine
– Cooling by heat exchanger sea water
and cooling liquids

– On & off buttons n Illustrated Menu
– Display and management of motor parameters
– Display and management of generator parameters
– Generator status indicator
– Display of alerts and fault codes n GCB (Generator Circuit Breaker) button option
– History log (150 records) n 5 languages available
– 172 x 112 mm

– Governor and parallel kit 12V
– Isolated ground: bipolar insulation
for metal hulls (aluminum and steel) – Syphon breaker kit
– Exhaust system kit

The next step towards onboard silence: Soundless version

*Measurement are registered according ISO standard, in anechoic chamber. Measurement may change +/- 1.5 DbA according to environnement conditions.

(Nanni Generator Soundless – – September 2023)