Nanni, 70 years of boating and technological progress

For more than 70 years Nanni has been a reference in the world of recreational boating, a company founded in 1952 in Milan with the aim of marinizing small diesel engines produced by Farymann, single-cylinder engines up to 60 horsepower intended for the world of recreational boating. In more than seven decades, Nanni has continued to grow without ever stopping its research activities, developing its product range and always focusing on innovation.

With the diversification of its industrial activities, cultivated since the beginning of its history, Nanni has enriched its product range and expanded its marine engine offerings, all, always working closely with the engine companies themselves. Nanni’s first major collaboration dates back to 1976 and concerns the agreement it then signed with Kubota; later, in 1988 it signed a similar agreement with MAN, with the mission of distributing German engines in France and the French-speaking countries of Africa. This collaboration was followed in the early 2000s by the partnership with Toyota, from which comes Nanni’s ability to offer engines up to 300 HP.

Nanni: seventy years of nautical excellence and continuous innovation in the range of generators

Since 2010, Nanni’s evolution has also manifested itself with the introduction of generators into its product range, forging a commercial agreement with John Deere in 2014, for the production of engines and generators to the needs of recreational and professional boating, then in 2018 through the agreement with SCANIA, thanks to which the Nanni range of generators was further enriched with new models intended for recreational boating. The last major step in the development of the Nanni range was in 2022, with the complete renovation of the range of generators from 5 to 800 kW, also introducing Soundless technology for noise reduction and increased comfort on board pleasure craft.


In more than seventy years of activity, the Italian-French company‘s experience has grown exponentially, starting from its knowledge of the needs of small pleasure boats to the skills useful in the process of developing and producing engines, generators and a vast list of accessories designed to meet the needs of those who sail for pleasure or profession, whether civilian or military, in every corner of the globe.

Nanni Today

Today Nanni is able to offer the widest range of products in its history, with propulsion systems from 10 to 2,000 HP, capable of meeting any type of motoring need, then, generators from 5 to 800 kW, and an incredible list of accessories such as monitoring systems, systems for remote control of installations, state-of-the-art systems for alarm control of each and every installation on board, and precision joysticks for steering boats. The company has accumulated so much experience so far, from which it now derives the appropriate expertise of its employees who can operate appropriately on sailboats from 5 meters up to large superyachts and the commercial and military applications that see Nanni at the forefront.

The French-Italian company over the years has developed its sales and technical support network, counting today the presence of 900 distributors in 85 countries, with which it covers all the oceans and seas of the planet with the exception of the Antarctic region. Nanni is currently the only operator engaged in engine manufacturing operating exclusively in the marine field, able to offer solutions that allow customers to have a single point of contact for the configuration of their products, parameterization, delivery and verification of every technical and commercial aspect.

A future of innovation with Soundless generators

So much history for Nanni, but also so much future, because Nanni has always carried out research to develop cutting-edge products, and today, with partners of excellence in scientific and technological research it aims to further expand its horizons. One of the products that has recently come to life, thanks to the research centers with which Nanni is collaborating at this stage of its long history, is the Soundless line of generators, which are now equipped with a protective enclosure made with special materials and technologies that allow noise abatement at just 61.7 dBA, the lowest on the market.

Despite this record, Nanni continues to develop new products with the clear goal of raising the bar of progress in the nautical field ever higher. From these research and development activities will come the new Nanni products of the future, some of which are already at an advanced design stage and will complement the company’s offerings in the naval, civil military, and aeronautical sectors.

(Nanni, 70 years of boating and technological progress – – November 2023)