Arcadia Yachts, Ugo Pellegrino

Arcadia Yachts, owned by Ugo Pellegrino, is a reality of the Italian boating industry, which has introduced new stylistic, formal and substantial items about the idea of a boat

 by Francesco Michienzi

Seven years have passed since the first time I met Ugo Pellegrino, CEO of Arcadia Yachts. And I can still remember an especially incisive line: «Ours is a very serious project». Personally, I never doubted it, but going through the darkest years of the international yachting industry, it can’t have been straightforward. I am convinced that with work, dedication and appropriate investment you can get good results. Courage and determination immediately led to the first successes, as shown by the number of units and models produced so far, A85, A85s, A100, A115, Sherpa, and the rapid expansion in the market, with a share of their own reference segment of around fifteen per cent.

Arcadia’s boats have a strong character, one that hits you not just because of the way they look, but also because of the optimal use of space, which is designed to be lived in and enjoyed to its utmost 24 hours a day, because of excellent seakeeping and because they are environmentally friendly, as well as being able to provide an “immersive” experience which is interactive with the marine universe. Nowadays we are at a crossroads, which will set the tone for work done at the Naples dockyard over the coming years. For this new path, Arcadia Yachts has entrusted the creation of both interiors and exteriors to the Milan design studio Hot Lab.

ARCADIA yachts 85S

Arcadia 85S

Ugo Pellegrino said: «We are convinced that the success of a yard, which includes us at Arcadia, is connected to the experience that the owner and his entourage are part of, from the moment that they begin to think about a new yacht to when they decide to sell it to buy another. Here the role of the design studio in the early phase of design plays a fundamental role in creating a solid and trustworthy relationship between the yard and the owner. We therefore went to the best professionals in yacht design who not only are technically prepared, but also have an extraordinary ability to listen and to emphasize. Only when we could completely identify ourselves with the owners could we really understand the nuances of the client’s needs and imagine designing the details that make the difference when creating a successful semi-custom project. After thinking very hard about our choices and working together on several pilot projects, we decided that the best partner to evolve into Arcadia 2.0 would be the Hot Lab design studio. I am sure that our collaboration will be an immediate success, both with our first projects and with the relations that we are developing with old and new clients of ours».

The first project by Hot Lab will be the A100+ that will be an evolution of the 30 meter yacht presented last year. «In general we will respect the masculine lines, clean and multifaceted, that represent the familiar image of the yard; we will reinterpret them to further develop the on-board living spaces, both inside and out, which are the quintessence of each Arcadia yacht», said Antonio Romano.

Arcadia yachts 100

Arcadia 100

Hot Lab has studied five different interior layout options to meet the requests of every owner, simplify design choices (thus reducing development times), proposing a contemporary and minimalist décor which suits the external look, and constantly plays on the inside-outside interchange. The new design of the layout, especially the exteriors, has also meant a new way of moving between the various decks, and this too helps the unique inside-outside experience. The interior style is clean, but full of nice details and interesting materials. It catches your eye when you see it for the first time. It is a clever mix of contemporary design and neo-decorativism, which sees classic Italian grand design products combined with exotic and seldom-used materials like resin panels and Carvalho oak.

Architecture and décor blend together, and always give the feeling that every detail has been carefully thought out and that you are really on board a waterside penthouse suite.

HOT LAB arcadia yachts

Il team di Hot Lab

Softer materials, like leather, cotton and warm woods, such as natural oak with small touches of ebony, complete the colour palette, which covers the entire spectrum from warm greys to sand, clear cream, black and white. It is a relaxing environment, which despite its luxury remains warm and welcoming. The semidisplacement and semi-custom yachts of the yard differ in length (from 58’ to 115’), in layout and décor (coordinated with the owner), but all of them – including the entry level Sherpa,– reflect the aim of merging form and function, using furnishings, which not only host the top design brands in the world (Cassina, B&B, Cappellini, Alias, Olivari, Zucchetti, PoltronaFrau; Molteni, Sunbrella, Pamar, Fontana arte, Flos, Nahoor, BCM), but are also a statement of style, the incarnation of structural design, exalting anything involved with it.A shape, which is built around the man and the sea, plays with transparencies, shafts of light, the continual exchange between in and out site thanks to innovative windows that open and close like those of a car, around large interior and exterior spaces, with a maniacal attention paid to detailing and materials.

The area surrounding Pompei has become the assembly centre of the highest quality European products: the design of the NPL displacement hulls, developed in the 1970s by the  Royal Institution of Naval Architects of London to ensure the commercial workboats excellent seakeeping, are from the UK; the double glazed windows with a superb thermal insulation characteristic come from Northern Europe; the dynamic ABT TRAC stabilization systems come from the US ; the state-of-the-art solar panels that supply enough energy to run many of the on board systems ensuring remarkable acoustic comfort at anchor in addition to considerably reducing energy consumption and limiting environmental impact are from Germany. Last but not least, the artisan workforce from the area and the rest of Italy who collaborate with the yard to the great satisfaction of all concerned.

(Arcadia Yachts, Ugo Pellegrino – – September 2017)