Yacht Design and sea culture: Sergio Cutolo and Sergio Abrami speak at ISAD

The topics will be design philosophy, technology and developments of hybrid propulsion on water, as well as much more next Thursday, January 31, at ISAD in Milan: Sergio Cutolo and Sergio Abrami will be the protagonists of an interesting lecture conference about the nautical world.

The meeting is part of a series of events dedicated to the students of the course of Yacht Design of ISAD, the Higher Institute of Architecture and Design, which are also open to the public of professionals and enthusiasts of the sector.

The engineer Sergio Cutolo (in the photo), whom we recently interviewed, is the owner of Hydro Tec, and he has signed important boats for companies such as Cantieri delle Marche and Columbus, and he has been the Technical Director of Baglietto for a long time in the past.  Sergio Abrami, besides being one of the noble names in sailing and motor design in Italy, is also the coordinator of the ISAD Master in Yacht Design, currently underway, as well as the Master in Interior Design that will take place this summer, from 8 to 19 July.

This is a workshop divided into 18 working sessions of three hours each, for a total of 54 hours, with the aim of training designers able to test themselves with the interior space of a boat and its limits.

The program is extensive, ranging from the structure of the basic project of a yacht, to the first contact with the client. The focus will be on understanding the differences between a boat’s interior and its domestic furnishings and on mastering onboard ergonomics, materials technology and fastening systems, as well as the specific materials used in shipbuilding, application methods, gluing and special treatments.

For the conference with Sergio Cutolo and Sergio Abrami, the appointment is on Thursday, January 31 at 14.00 at the ISAD offices, in via Balduccio da Pisa, 16 in Milan, for info and reservations [email protected]

(Yacht Design and sea culture: Sergio Cutolo and Sergio Abrami speak at ISAD – Barchemagazine.com – January 2019)