Yacht Controller is now compatible with Volvo Penta EVC 2.0 electronics

Compatibility between Yacht Controller and Volvo Penta wireless remote controls has been widened, now they also interface with the EVC 2.0 interface

We talked about the collaboration agreement between the Italian and Swedish companies some time ago. Now the partnership is evolving following the new course and updates that Volvo Penta constantly proposes for the market. Recently it has updated its D4 and D6, the Aquamatic group and has also made an important upgrade of their Electronic Vessel Control, the platform that manages the propulsion system.

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Giuseppe Brianza – Yacht Controller

Yacht Controller‘s mission has always been to make mooring as easy as possible, using the radio controls that allow you to leave the dashboard during maneuvers, thus having a better view of the dock and the boats around it, and also actively participate in the mooring maneuver.

In the following video, the German dealer of the Italian company demonstrates how to use the Yacht Controller radio control on board of a Linssen 405 Fly with Volvo Penta engines with EVC 2.0.

The range of products is patented and certified to CE and FCC standards by the most qualified international certification authorities and includes wireless radio controls, supervision systems, LCD screens (also with integrated PC), nautical PCs and maneuvering joysticks.


(Yacht Controller is now also compatible with the new Volvo Penta EVC 2.0 electronics – Barchemagazine.com – March 2020)