When the clothes make Monaco… and the yacht is transformed 

CMM Yacht Service, which has been a Master Service Point for all the brands in the Ferretti Group since 2004, decided to present its new refitting services reinventing the well-known saying: the clothes don’t make the man

by Massimo Longoni

Thanks to the company’s consolidated expertise, which is the fruit of their deep dedication to maintenance and assistance services matured throughout their experience with the main brands of the industry, CMM has turned customisation into authentic all-Made-in-Italy art. Just like a simple change of clothes can change the impression you have of a given person, also a simple intervention can literally “change the outfit” of a vessel and modify not only its appearance but also the perception you have of it. In fact, the shipyard offers many different operations, especially in terms of paintwork, where CMM has been able to perform actual makeovers; changes of colour that not only make a hull more beautiful and appealing, but also give it a contemporary, modern, and unique feel. This year, CMM Yacht Service celebrates 16 years in business and for the occasion, it will “restyle” itself (a new website, new institutional and advertising pages) and dedicate a section within its new website to these projects, where visitors can view some of the operations that have transformed the way of perceiving and experiencing these vessels which were getting on in years.

The owner of CMM Yacht Service, Matteo Cervasi, illustrates the countless improvements that can be achieved even with one single operation: «A refitting operation is not only a way of requalifying a boat from the aesthetical point of view, but it is also an opportunity to improve it functionally and technologically. Over time, a hull can be reviewed, revisited, the shipyards themselves change its layout to correct any design mistakes made in the past or to meet new demands. Without ever disrupting the identity of the yachts we work on, which is the essential feature that each owner is truly devoted to, we can redesign and customise every boat we refit with high attention to detail as the main guiding principle of each of our projects».

Whether it is a refitting operation after a maintenance service or a renewal due to customisation needs, CMM’s operations are always based on craftsmanship, which is the key concept behind everything they do as well as a synonym for quality and professionalism.

ASSISTANCE AND REFITTING WHEREVER REQUESTED The diversification and quality of the service are what pushes owners to trust CMM Yacht Service for important refitting and renewal operations on their yachts. Whether it is paintwork, maintenance or stabilisation, the company can intervene anywhere and on any kind of vessel.

Wherever there is a request, the yard dedicates its full attention to all authentic sea lovers. Every refit is the result of specific design proposals, an example of style and balance between tradition and innovation, experience and creativity.There can be endless amounts of requests, and endless amounts of solutions. Express your desire, and CMM will be ready to make it come true! 

Supported by the engineering and architecture firm ITA 31, CMM’s partner for more than 16 years in the design and fitting of luxury yachts from 15 to 40 metres, the boats they work on are re-elaborated in every part, with 3D rendering and modelling projects. Every new project is carried out to enhance the space, through a careful study and research of every piece, whether a structural element, piece of furniture, or purely decorative item.

(When the clothes make Monaco… and the yacht is transformed – Barchemagazine.com – August 2020)