Wärtsilä and Pastrovich Studio, here is the eco-friendly boutique cruise ship


Wärtsilä has signed a partnership agreement with architect and yacht designer Stefano Pastrovich for the design of innovative and sustainable superyachts in the boutique cruise sector. A new perspective for the charter market, which combines the luxury of a superyacht, the construction techniques and experience of a cruise ship, and special attention to the environment.

The concept is based on a 60-meter long catamaran with a maximum capacity of 36 passengers. High levels of sustainability will allow access to ports that would otherwise be closed to large motor yachts.

The design will feature a fully integrated combination of hybrid propulsion and solar panels for minimal environmental impact and high energy efficiency.

“Efficiency and environmental performance are the key pillars of Wärtsilä’s Smart Marine approach, which emphasises the need to work with world-class partners. This project embodies all these ambitions, and we look forward to developing a fully integrated solution combining energy efficiency, sustainability and on-board comfort together with Stefano Pastrovich,” explained Giammario Meloni, Senior Sales Manager at Wärtsilä Italia.

Wärtsilä is the ideal partner for this project – commented Stefano Pastrovich because we share the ambition to be the best in what we do. By combining our architectural know-how and marine technologies, we will create a state-of-the-art mega-yacht design. I am convinced that boutique cruise ships of this calibre could trigger a breakthrough in the charter market, attracting a new clientele of millennials and cruise veterans.”

Wärtsilä has extensive experience in hybrid propulsion and energy recovery that will be used in the new design and has already worked with Pastrovich on other successful projects. These include the 99m X-Vintage in 2011 and the 101m X-Expedition in 2017.

(Wärtsilä and Pastrovich Studio, the eco-friendly boutique cruise ship – Barchemagazine.com – July 2020)