Vulkan Components – Making a difference

Are good ingredients that make the difference? An inviting aroma, a staggering mise en place and the tastebuds go into ruptors: did you manage to visualize it? A wonderful dish, high quality ingredients and a recipe architected by a brilliant star chef. What a hard work hides behind such a culinary masterpiece?


Excellent and top-quality ingredients, good answer, but certainly not exhaustive. In the past, the secrets of starry kitchens were guarded by great chefs, gruff and grumpy, and by those lucky people (and not) who were allowed to peep in their steaming kitchens: today, among very famous reality TV and contests, the doors of those kitchens, first locked and well-guarded, have opened wide in favor of a large curious and passionate audience. We all agree on this point: a capable chef, with extensive knowledge of raw materials, dedicated to experimentation, fusion, integration, products themselves of that experience they have contributed to consolidate, is able to transform superb quality ingredients into divine dishes.

Gian Piero Repetti, the historic CEO of Vulkan Italia, continues to support the Vulkan Group with more than thirty years of knowledge and experience in the sector.

Almost a year after the end of his long-term Managing Director experience in Vulkan Italia, Gian Piero Repetti, who is still supporting the VULKAN Group by providing more than thirty years of knowledge and projects in the field, we met both, the Engineer and Daniele Gaviotis, to whom Repetti proudly passed it to Daniele few months ago.

And Daniele uses the image of the chef and his secrets to explain who wants to be VULKAN today and who will be in the near future. ‘What do chefs and food have to do with a company that deals with mechanics, vibro-acoustics and now also mechatronics, after the birth of the new hybrid division with its innovative projects, also involving traditional propulsion retrofit?’

Daniele Gaviotis, who took over the baton from Repetti a few months ago, used the metaphor of the chef and his secrets to explain who Vulkan wants to be today and who it will be in the near future.

Daniele explains more in detail his thought: “The chef is a professional who knows how to select raw materials in an excellent way (in the parallelism VULKAN makes a choice by selecting solutions among its products, coupling, resilient and anti-vibration mounts) combining them with a fundamental ingredient: its system competence and the integrated knowledge of the many aspects of the food and cuisine world. The result? Dishes that delight the palate and meet the expectations of the most demanding and varied taste guests“.

It is the same process pursued by VULKAN, mutatis mutandis obviously, the background is not a hyper-equipped kitchen, of course! When presenting its solution to the customer, VULKAN exploits its system expertise by integrating the unique features of its products so that they can work together to achieve the optimal result in terms of vibration attenuation, noise, emissions of polluting gases. This integrated product in the system know-how allows VULKAN engineer to understand the dependencies and interferences of the individual components, with the aim of harmonizing that same complex system.

And like any leading expert, the chef experiments, dares, learns new techniques, grows thanks to experience: 40 years ago, VULKAN proposed itself with the motto ‘more than just flexible’, a slogan that encapsulated the product experience, the one on the torsional coupling, but above all the competence in the analysis of the drivetrain, in order to render effective and efficient the application to which it was thought for.

Thanks to the proactivity of its subsidiaries and the support of the German headquarters, VULKAN has become a system supplier: the systems consist of complementary products (couplings and resilient anti-vibration mounts, for example) intended for an application, selected by VULKAN engineers to be compatible one to each other and to provide maximum performance in terms of vibration and noise attenuation.

Not only theoretical analysis (TVA, 6DOF, FEM…), simulations in the laboratory, but also hundreds of measurement campaigns and interventions on board, to check with real data what engineering tells us only in theory. Hence the experience, collection and comparison of data, essential for the growth of technical know-how. From experience to competence, from competence to experience, with a look at the future and new technologies. The hunger for knowledge has ranged from mechanical systems, landing on new lands, up to activities in the field of hybrid and electric propulsion, going further, investigating and testing the technologies of hydrogen and foils, also thanks to the support and collaboration of external companies.

The approach itself does not change, it is always a matter of global system competence: what has changed in VULKAN, over the years, is the system itself, which, putting every step always forward, towards the future, has increased in complexity. So good ingredients, of course, and integrated know-how, they make the difference.

BIIM, Innovative Modular Hybrid Boat, integrates hybrid propulsion technology, hydrogen technology with metal hydride storage and salt batteries.

It’s time to feed our mouth water a little and discover what are the latest news our vulkanians have reserved us: with the external collaboration of a group of partner companies, in addition to the fundamental contribution of FILSE, BIIM has been realized (Innovative Hybrid  Modular Vessel), which integrates the technology of hybrid propulsion, hydrogen with accumulation in metal hydrides and salt batteries. A passenger boat to be used as a demonstrator by Consorzio Golfo dei Poeti (Liguria) in the coming months.

All MADE IN ITALY project, in which important actors from the Energy world and energy transition supporters also in the Marine world have participated (Duferco, Costruzioni Navali Tigullio, Names, BlueEnergy Revolution just to name a few).

Another collaboration with Gerrismoto, where VULKAN was the designer and supplier of the propulsion system integrated in the foil. So still system competence, the ability to evaluate hidden systems and sub-areas: hydrogen as a range extender and foils to reduce resistance to motion and increase the range of navigation. Finally, refit projects in other areas of the naval sector, and specifically in lagoon passenger transport, which answer concretely to the demands for greater sustainability in the low-emission propulsion world.

What to expect in the next future? Repetti, who is supporting VULKAN in all innovative development projects in the coming years, answers: “We talk (and not only talk) about digital twin, with the creation of models that reproduce the phenomena and data collected on board. They will become irreplaceable parameters of analysis, design and optimization of systems. The possibility of experimenting inside a floating Laboratory, where all the new technologies and developments of propulsion systems can be analyzed and studied in reality, through simulations, tests and tests is a mandatory step to us”.

The proposal of the new menu seems really very interesting…

(Vulkan Components – Making a difference – – October 2023)