Vignamare, creativity and research

Vignamare, of the Giorgio Servetto chef, overlooks the sea and is the result of a project focussing on integrating architecture and nature

by Barbara Borgonovo – photo by Paolo Picciotto

After the Green Star, Chef Giorgio Servetto’s Vignamare has now been awarded a Michelin Red Star. An important recognition that rewards its approach: using sustainable development models to promote the local area.

Chef Giorgio Servetto has made biodiversity his guiding light, for a clean and essential cuisine that offers a totally immersive experience.

For the chef, “Vignamare’s catering model has been carefully designed to reduce waste in the kitchen to zero. Proposing a fixed tasting menu is the fulfilment of the dream of an ethical and sustainable cuisine. We want to create a direct link between agriculture, gourmet cuisine and respect for the land, with the common goal of promoting the excellence and biodiversity that make Liguria magical and unique”.

The menu is inspired by fresh produce straight from a garden with a focus on early crops, homemade cured meats, local cheeses, and thick golden olive oil.

Vignamare is the gourmet agriturismo of the Peq Agri group, created by a group of young people a few years ago and today a solid point of reference that includes a bistro, a restaurant and a farm with a series of initiatives and organised itineraries, to educate visitors about living surrounded by nature, and to leave guests rejuvenated, in the fullest sense of the word. There is also a multi-purpose workshop where preserves, honey, cheese and sausages are made.

The Vignamare is located in a building surrounded by olive groves and vineyards facing the sea, created from the sensitive restoration of an old water cistern.

The restaurant was created in a restored abandoned water cistern from the 1970s. Its shape is circular and the interior is clad in solid oak, reminiscent of a wine cask. Maître Davide Amadore and his staff provide a stylish reception. Servetto, a chef of immense culture, works with great passion to offer an immersive gourmet experience.

(Vignamare, creativity and research – – February 2024)