Veco, everything under control

VecoHub is a centralised control system for all the boat’s equipment: from air conditioning to refrigerators and freezers

by Niccolò Volpati

Remote and centralised control from the plotter is becoming increasingly popular. Some might think that this is a fad, but it is not. It is a smart way to use new technologies. The VecoHub system allows you to monitor air conditioning systems, refrigerators, and freezers thanks to a small black box and related connections. All Veco, Climma, and Frigoboat products are on board.

VecoHub’s black box is compact and easily finds space on board the boat. Up to ten touch screens and the onboard plotter can be connected to it.


And the benefits are plenty, because no matter how well organised it may be, I bet the fewest among us are happy to go down to the engine room to check the equipment. With VecoHub this won’t be necessary because the user can gain full control through a dedicated touch screen and the plotter located on the navigation bridge, as well as using a device with a dedicated app developed by Veco. Furthermore, the advanced functions allow for detailed customization. Do you know when you walk into a supermarket in the middle of summer? It’s 40 °C in the shade outside, and -5 °C inside. Customizing means avoiding thermal shock. Each user can regulate the air conditioning as desired.


The App’s screens allow you to monitor the systems and make customised adjustments, for example, individual air conditioning settings for each room.

A total of ten dedicated touch screens can be connected to VecoHub, and ten screens are more than enough, even on a Giga yacht. Moreover, the same data can be reported on the plotter located on the navigation bridge. VecoHub is compatible with Garmin, Raymarine, Lowrance, Simrad e B&G models.


But that’s not all. There is also an app that allows you to view the whole system on your favourite device, whether a smartphone or tablet. Moreover, you can enable a remote assistance system allowing you to prevent or solve problems, even while the boat is cruising.

(Veco, everything under control – – November 2022)