Tiara EX 60, setting out to sea

The American constructor has launched its new flagship, a real sport cruiser with a functional and adaptable deck. It gets to 40 knots With two IPS 1350s

by Barche

It is their largest ever boat, and the EX 60 is the yard’s new flagship: «We raised the bar, the level of what we do and what we are». Tom Slikkers, CEO and President of Tiara Yachts talked frankly about what is expected of the new model: «For us, it is an area that in some ways is as yet unexplored, but we start from the basis of our experience and the values which we have developed with our outboard boats and our coupés».

Tom is the son of Leon Slikkers, the man who in the early 1950s left Chris-Craft to found SlickCraft, which over the years has produced the Tiara, Pursuit and Malibu lines, all becoming distinguished brands in the American yacht business (Tiaras are built in the city of Holland, on Lake Michigan). Leon handed over the running of the company a decade back, but he only officially retired in 2021, aged 93.

The sides can open up, but when in the vertical position there is a gate that opens up for when you are moored side on.

Tiara is solid and ambitious, and a good example of a large family-run company that has managed to succeed in America’s rust belt. The company’s strong points lie in build quality, with everything made in infusion moulding, hull design and investment in new concepts.

The layout features three cabins and two bathrooms, and the master suite is located amidships, where the beam is at its greatest. As well as the classic VIP cabin in the bow, there is a third bedroom with twin beds.

The EX 60s aiming for a premium position in the market, with an output of five ranges and boats from 10 to 15 metres. This shows Tiara’s drive to really set out to sea, by escaping the world of day boats and joining that of true sport cruisers. But that shift has to take place seamlessly: «The new flagship is styled like a Tiara, and you can tell that a mile off», says Gabriel Rose, head of the team of designers who have designed the boat.

What has emerged is very interesting: a boat with elegant, contemporary lines which have also taken on a lot of input in terms of look and functionality from Europe, with a deck that can really be used and is highly adaptable.


The cockpit is split between two levels which can themselves be configured to produce different setups. The higher part links straight to the central lounge and you can fit it with either the traditional sofa or a bar; the other end, further aft, can be fitted out with a single or twin sofas, or even left completely clear – that’s the fishing version, which has a classic American look. As if that weren’t enough, the sides can open up, but when in the vertical position there is a gate that opens up for when you are moored side on, which is an essential item for premium American yachts. There are actually three cockpits on the EX 60, as there is also the one in the bow, with its sun pad, three benches and the possibility to shade them with a classic four-pole collapsible awning.

The stern platform can be lowered into the water, and as well as providing a large beach area and a natural extension of the cockpit, it is also perfect for housing the tender when underway.

Overall, this 18-metre has been designed to be experienced primarily out on the deck in the open air, so the central lounge blends perfectly into the landscape outside thanks to the large stern door and also the side one which opens onto the port side deck. Another contributing factor is the top, which can be opened up, and the large side windows which wrap around the windscreen to form a continuous whole. The demands of the US market mean that the interiors have a good amount of headroom and are nicely finished with high-quality materials. There are three cabins, so as well as the master cabin midships and the VIP one in the bow, there is also a guest room with twin beds that can be joined together.

The ergonomics of the helm position with its double seat is excellent. The large windscreen provides good sightlines and the door onto the side deck ensures good onboard passenger flow.

The yard fitting calls for a pair of IPS 1350s, with two D13s each developing 1,000 horsepower. The two Volvo Pentas aren’t right in the stern but practically midships, thanks to two transmission jackshafts, a feature that means you get excellent weight distribution.

There are three cockpits on the EX 60, as there is also the one in the bow, with its sun pad, three benches and the possibility to shade them with a classic four-pole collapsible awning.

Performance figures are excellent, in keeping with the Tiara tradition: with the engines revving at the full 2450, you can get to 40 knots. Better still are what you get at more normal speeds, what you would do when on holiday: at 2100 rpm you get the 32-knot fast cruising speed, and use 8.4 litres per nautical mile, while economy cruising is at 25 knots, where fuel consumption falls to 7.5 litres per mile and the range increases to very nearly 340 miles.

Engine room
In the engine room of the new Tiara flagship, there are two Volvo Penta D13s, each developing 1000 horsepower and fitted with IPS 1350s. The top speed is good, at over 40 knots.


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LOA 18.36m • Maximum beam 5.16m • Draft 1.22m • Light mass displacement 24,200 kg • Fuel tank volume 2,649 l • Water tank volume 568 l

2 Volvo Penta D13 IPS 1350 • Outlet mechanical power 735/1,000 kW/hp • Bore&stroke 131mm x 158mm • Swept volume 12.8 l • Cylinders 6 • Maximal rotational spees 3000/min • Weight 2,458 kg


3,741,900$ Excl.VAT Ex Works,as standard and twin Volvo IPS 1350 Diesels with Joystic Control 1,000 hp (May 2023)

(Tiara EX 60, setting out to sea – Barchemagazine.com – May 2023)