Temo, the electric for big tenders

Temo 1000 is an electric motor including a removable battery weighing 15 kilograms, easy to carry and use

by Niccolò Volpati

At first glance I wondered where the batteries were. Then I leaned over and saw that it is located in the stem of the outboard. The battery is long and narrow, similar to that of an electric bicycle. It weighs only 7 kilograms, is 47 volts and 20 Ah, plug&play and therefore without cables or connections. To put it into operation, simply stick it into the stem all the way down. The advantage of this system is that the battery is removable and therefore easy to recharge: with 220 V it takes only 5 hours, while with 12 V it takes 12 hours. The entire casing of the outboard is watertight, so there is no problem with the battery.

The motor weighs 8 kg, the whole then, that is, battery and motor, makes 15 kg. This is an easy weight to move, either when you need to put it on the transom of the tender or to hook it to the stern of a sailboat. The power is 1,100 W, which corresponds to about 3 hp. Temo has also paid attention to the trim and tilt system. The manual trim, which is adjustable from the transom, allows the height of the stem to be adjusted. This is a good solution because it is possible to adapt the stem to a tender or sailboat without an auxiliary engine.

Tipping to lift it out of the water also has a special system. In fact, the engine not only rises, but also rotates on itself. In this way, all the outboard is inside the tender, but without detaching it from the transom. This is an ideal solution for those who store the tender in the garage.

Transporting Temo 1000 is very easy, as is storing it in a locker, thanks in part to its only 15 kg total weight.

Finally, again to meet the needs of boats or tenders, a special tiller has been designed. What sets it apart is that, if you decide not to use it, as usually happens on a sail since there is already the boat’s tiller, you can store it inside the stem. Temo 1000, so it is very compact because inside it is both the battery and the tiller, and also there are no cables or connections.

More information can be found at www.temofrance.com

(Temo, the electric for big tenders – Barchemagazine.com – November 2023)