Team Italia, High-Tech Made in Italy

Team Italia is a point of reference around the world for the entire sector

by Francesca Portoghese

Team Italia is a company that looks to the future with a global vision of integrating navigation, telecommunications, security, and data transmission devices. The product of a merger of ideas from Massimo Minnella, the CEO, and Daniele Ceccanti, the Technical Director, the company has launched i-Bridge, the revolutionary integrated console system certified by the Lloyd’s Register of Shipping, the American Bureau of Shipping, and Italy’s RINA.

Aftersales service at Team Italia
Team Italia offers a programmed maintenance scheme to follow boats from close up. Called OCEAN REMOTE SUPPORT, it is a system that includes exclusive, customised services which, through specialist preventive maintenance work on NAV-COM systems, can help them stay efficient and increase their life cycle.

The story of the firm is as follows: the great experience built up over the years in the world of commercial ships encouraged the two founders to try to encourage the application of new technologies to the yachting world. Having been committed to the east and west coasts of Italy with their respective companies, in 2000 they decided to merge and create Team Italia. The ideas behind the merger had been coming together for some time, and the moment to try to put them into action had arrived. The main thing they were both looking for was integrated sailing, conceived as a pioneering vision that based everything on touch screens, with technologically-advanced consoles that were always customised.

Over 500 designs delivered over the past twenty years, of which over 300 are integrated. 210 of the designs also include ABS Lloyd Approved monitoring.


«What we hear from listening to skippers and their needs is translated into a technological platform, a unique product that meets the needs of the same boat, but with different users», explained Massimo Minnella, who continued: «We have advanced technology in our products, which is researched and developed by Daniele and our R&D area, and we wanted to add to that designs to give a pleasing surround to a product that knows how to grab the eye of a buyer, but without ever seeking to replace the architects».

The partnership with MTU Rolls Royce has meant that engine monitoring and management have also been developed successfully.

To explore the latest innovations in integrated dashboards, Team Italia can count on very high-level professionals: engineers, electronic experts, designers, project managers, designers, and on-board technical staff to ensure the most complete efficiency of a bridge that can completely control the boat and to which additional uses can be added in the future. So, the engineering department starts with research and the development of technical specifications in line with the requests and needs of the client, and at the same time, skilled designers continually look for architectural solutions that conform to particular ergonomic specifications and are in line with the functionality that the console has to deliver.

i-Bridge is a secure and dependable product, that is easy to use thanks to research that continually benefitted from interaction with the best skippers in the world so that new applications could constantly be updated and new applications developed. The i-Bridge, which is set up in the lab and subjected to a large number of technical tests, has a level of versatility, which means it can be customised before even being installed on board.

The i-Chart, the touch-screen electric map table which was first installed on the CRN megayacht Chopi Chopi in 2013, is a tool that is based on multi-touch technology and is for plotting courses. i-Chart meets both skippers’ safety needs and boat owners’ cruising requirements. The innovative map table can be integrated into the i-Bridge system or can function
as a stand-alone in any part of the boat.

Team Italia has also produced the Multicontrol system that, through a device with a single interface approach, helps manage all of the equipment and in running all of the steering positions (which are all identical, both in terms of appearance and function). Another crucial aspect is how very easily it connects remotely, using a system that allows the skipper to give access through a strictly defined procedure, while respecting the owner’s privacy and safety, with a complete level of redundancy. Mechatronics also intervenes to help the skipper’s movements which, thanks to the extremely versatile movement of the console, can keep everything under control with simple arm movements. The Italian-made product has arrived in the land of new technology, and it is a product from Team Italia, a firm, which has won the trust of the greatest names in the country’s yachting industry, from Benetti to Perini, from Riva to Baglietto, not forgetting Codecasa, CRN, Custom Line, Palumbo Superyachts, Tecnomar for Lamborghini and Wally, just to name a few, and which will shortly set out to go to new frontiers, exploring front-end items with 3D and graphics.

(Team Italia, High-Tech Made in Italy – – November 2022)