Royal Huisman to restore classic motorsailer Atlantide
The team of Royal Huisman and Huisfit will carry out the restoration of the 1930’s yacht Atlantide. This 37m / 122ft classic motorsailer was shipped from Newport, USA, to the Netherlands, and arrived at Royal Huisman’s headquarters in Vollenhove in the first week of 2021. Following the successful 2020-refit... Read more
Royal Huisman, here is the longest motoryacht in the world under 500GT
Yet another piece is added to the knowledge about the “mysterious” PHI motoryacht, by Royal Huisman. Until now, the length communicated by the shipyard was a vague “55m+”. With the launch scheduled for 2021, the actual overall length has been revealed: 58.5m. PHI is thus confirmed as the longest... Read more
Royal Huisman and Malcolm McKeon unveil APEX 850
APEX 850 is the new ambitious concept by Royal Huisman and superyacht designer Malcolm McKeon. Above her sleek and powerful 85 m / 279 ft hull, APEX features a towering 107 m / 351 ft air-draft rig that will dominate the marine landscape. McKeon’s radical design, which focuses on... Read more
Philippe Briand SY300: an innovative 90m sailyacht
Philippe Briand is a visionary designer able to integrate new technologies with a contemporary style of boats, made up of essential lines and great formal cleanliness. This 90 meter sail yacht also presents a solution for harnessing theenergy producedby the motion of the hull in the water by Rebecca... Read more