Bénéteau First Yacht 53, first time
The French yard hadn’t made a boat like this for a long time. The design project is entirely Italian, with Biscontini doing the hull and Argento the interiors and deck by Niccolò Volpati – photo by Gilles Martin-Raget and Guido Barbagelata They may tell you that it isn’t actually... Read more
Bénéteau Oceanis, two new models on the way
Cruising first: Bénéteau has announced the launch of the new Oceanis Yacht 54 and Oceanis 40.1. One is 17 meters long, the other 12 meters, both are perfect holiday “machines”. Last year was marked by the arrival of the new First 53, a pure fast-cruiser. Now everything at Bénéteau... Read more
Bénéteau First 27, first love
We tried out the largest of Bénéteau’s small First series: the First 27 is an eight-metre boat that is fun to sail and is very easy at the helm. It is an excellent way to try out competitive sailing di Luca Sordelli Get them young and don’t let them... Read more
First Yacht 53, the word to Biscontini and Argento
Cannes, Genoa, Barcelona and then across the ocean: September will see the start of the presentation tour of First Yacht 53, the new and highly anticipated fast cruiser by Benéteau with Roberto Biscontini and Lorenzo Argento. This is how it will be, according to the first words of its... Read more
Brenta 80 DC, a puff of wind
Designed by Lorenzo Argento it’s a cruising boat built by Michael Schmidt, a gentleman who knows his stuff. It’s tremendous to see how fast it sails even with little wind PROBLEM: YOU HAVE TO PARTICIPATE IN A DRAGON REGATTA AND COMPETITORS ARE PREPARING THEIR BOATS ON A DOCK ACROSS... Read more