Team for Design – Isa Yachts Continental 65M
Enrico Gobbi from Team for Design has designed a 65-metre long version of the Continental range of yachts for Isa, with dynamic, curved lines that give the superstructure a harmonious, slender appearance by Massimo Longoni LOOKING AT THE DESIGN FOR THE 65-METRE CONTI-NENTAL THAT ENRICO GOBBI has created for... Read more
ISA ALLOY 43m AGORA III, heading for the Land of the Rising Sun
The first Alloy 43, designed entirely byLuca Dini and launched by ISA Yachts in March, has left Ancona and is already en route to Japan by Maria Roberta Morso – photo by Maurizio Paradisi THE ISA BRAND, PART OF THE PALUMBO FAMILY, alongside Columbus Yachts and other brands like... Read more
ISA 45 GT, a sport coupé
Enrico Gobbi has revisited the typical features, that distinguish Isa Yachts from others, like the large external arches, which connect the hull to the superstructure, enriching it with impressive details such as the elaborate air intakes by Massimo Longoni Thanks to this project, Enrico Gobbi shows his skill in... Read more
Crossbow 100 m, the new ISA Yachts Sport Coupe by Hydro Tec
The Crossbow project carried out by Hydro Tec of Sergio Cutolo was chosen by ISA Yachts, Shipyard of the Palumbo Group, which presented it as the flagship of the Sport Coupé line. Designed with the idea of combining high performance and efficiency, “Crossbow” represents a new and unique concept... Read more
Isa Yachts announces the sale of a new 45-metre Gran Turismo
ISA Yachts, a brand of Palumbo Superyachts, has announced the sale of a 45-meter of the series “GT – GRAN TURISMO”. The Anconetano shipyard’s Gran Turismo line also includes the ISA “OKTO” 66-metre and the 43-metre long “PHILMI” motoryachts,  recently delivered. The ISA GT 45 is already under construction... Read more
Isa 67 GT, force and grace
Isa 67 GT is a project signed by Enrico Gobbi for the shipyard belonging to the Palumbo Italian group. Performance and luxury are the stylistic imprints proposed to owners who love sportiveness and dynamism by Massimo Longoni Gobbi has revisited the typical features that distinguish Isa Yachts enhancing the use... Read more
Isa Yachts, the new course of the Shipyard

The brand strengthens its identity through the skills of top designers combined with 50 years experience in both new builds and refits

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Francesco Paszkowski, a synthesis of emotions
Francesco Paszkowski is a successful designer who has created some of the most beautiful yachts in the international boating field. His approach is to design boats with dynamic lines, which give a feeling of movement even when at anchor by Francesco Michienzi MIXING TWO CULTURES IN A SINGLE STYLE... Read more