CRN, here is the new 62m
The new CRN superyacht has left the Marina of Ancona. With a length of 62 meters and a beam of 11.50 meters, it was designed in collaboration with the Italian architectural studio Nuvolari Lenard, who developed the concept and style of both the exterior and interior. M/Y 137 is... Read more
Riva Vespucci, timeless appeal
The elegant 1978 Riva Vespucci, one of the few steel and aluminium yachts Riva built in the 1970s, was returned to its former glory by Monaco Marine Antibes by Maria Roberta Morso – photo by Guillaume Plisson International boating owes a lot to Carlo Riva. His vision, his talent... Read more
Charter 2019: + 17% for the ultra-luxury holidays
Demand for extremely luxury holidays is growing, and what could be more exclusive than a holiday on board a large yacht? by Maria Roberta Morso THE NEWS THAT THE 136-METRE FLYING FOX, BUILT BY LÜRSSEN and launched a few months ago, will be added to the fleet of megayachts... Read more
CMM, winter is refit time
Winter is when you stop using your boat and start dedicating time to maintaining it, or, even better, improving it: CMM is one of the leading experts in the sector by Massimo Longoni The dry berthing period marks the break between one sailing season and the next. It is the perfect opportunity to carry out... Read more
Laura Sessa, the color first of all
One of Laura Sessa ’s standout qualities is the sensitivity with which she grasps the subtlest nuances of boat owners’ wishes.  She loves colour, and her work inspires a feeling  of wellbeing and happiness her clients love by Carla Pagani In Poli, a town 25 miles from Rome, the calm silence of... Read more
CRN launched the new 79-metre yacht M/Y 135
The new CRN M/Y 135 megayacht touched the water with a ceremony attended by over a thousand people. With a length of 79 meters and a beam of 13.50 meters, M/Y 135 marks the success of a new collaboration between CRN and the Zuccon International Project architectural studios, which... Read more
CRN, the new 79 meters is ready for the launch…
It is not yet time to touch water for the M/Y 135 of CRN, 79 meters made of steel and aluminium, but soon it will be time. The project was developed by the site’s technical department, by Zuccon International Project, which designed the exteriors, and by Laura Sessa, an... Read more
Giovanni Zuccon: “everything is for life”. Yacht design and project ethics
Professor and architect, Giovanni Zuccon, has a design ethic rooted in his deep-seated culture and in the modern, increasingly long-sighted vision he has of his work by Carla Pagani Giovanni Zuccon’s guests receive a warm embrace from elegant, linear and functional Marcel Breuer chairs. On a rainy Saturday in Rome, the pale... Read more
Yacht Design, what has happened in the last 10 years?
This is the first of two articles dedicated to the development of yacht design over the last decade. In this issue we look at custom and semi-custom yachts. We will then go on to examine the production boats by Maria Roberta Morso The years fly by rapidly in the world of yachting,... Read more
Nuvolari Lenard, the courage to create a yacht that will be a classic
Nuvolari Lenard’s  founding Partner, Carlo Nuvolari (on the right in the photo) reflects on the company’s achievements in the world of superyacht design over the last 25 years alongside Dan Lenard in the studio based in Venice by Carlo Nuvolari With 2017 marking our 25th anniversary of working together... Read more