Bénéteau Flyer 10, smart walkaround
A small craft with a functional and innovative deck design – a fresh interpretation from Bénéteau of the classic boat with its origins in the USA by Luca Sordelli – photo by Jean-Baptiste D’Enquin THE FLYER 10, AT PRECISELY 9.98 METRES LONG, IS ON BORDER BETWEEN ‘SMALL’ AND ‘LARGE’... Read more
Bénéteau, the dealers are preparing for recovery
While the vast majority of Bénéteau dealers worldwide are closed and can no longer receive either customers or suppliers, the teams in the various countries are doing their best to prepare for the restart. To varying degrees, of course, as the restrictions are not the same from one country... Read more
Bénéteau First Yacht 53, first time
The French yard hadn’t made a boat like this for a long time. The design project is entirely Italian, with Biscontini doing the hull and Argento the interiors and deck by Niccolò Volpati – photo by Gilles Martin-Raget and Guido Barbagelata They may tell you that it isn’t actually... Read more
Choose a boat for a happy life, the editorial by Franco Michienzi
A family boat is the ideal way to tackle the complex issues we are all facing at the moment, exacerbated by unexpected external factors by Francesco Michienzi The family yacht is something that has always intrigued me, and offered me plenty of pause for thought. A boat’s story is... Read more
Bénéteau Oceanis, two new models on the way
Cruising first: Bénéteau has announced the launch of the new Oceanis Yacht 54 and Oceanis 40.1. One is 17 meters long, the other 12 meters, both are perfect holiday “machines”. Last year was marked by the arrival of the new First 53, a pure fast-cruiser. Now everything at Bénéteau... Read more
Bénéteau, two navetta on the way
Bénéteau has announced the launch of a 72 and a 65 feet born to sail without haste and for a long time. Comfort, space and lots of autonomy. Coming next year by Niccolò Volpati Its name is Project E and they’ve been working on it for two years. Massimo... Read more
Excess 12 and 15, the important thing is to exaggerate
The first two Excess  catamarans from the new Bénéteau brand are making their debut. The idea is to bring together comfort and on-board space, as is to be expected from a multi-hull, but without doing without the pleasure of sailing by Niccolò Volpati CATAMARANS ARE NOT ALL THE SAME.And... Read more
Bénéteau First 18, easy sailing
Small, brilliant and fast: we sailed on the First 18, th 5.5 metre model of Bénéteau’s sports range, a boat that is perfect for sailing novices and also forhaving fun racing by Luca Sordelli I HAVE TO CONFESS THAT, FOR ME, TALKING ABOUT THE FIRST 18 MEANS GOING BACK IN... Read more
Bénéteau Antares 9 OB, unrivalled
This eight-metre by Bénéteau is surprisingly liveable, while boasting brilliant performance figures OUTBOARD MOTORS ARE GETTING INCREA-SINGLY POWERFUL, but they are also tending to get lighter and to use less fuel. In other words, as machines they are becoming increasingly efficient, and are used by boats that are getting bigger.... Read more
Philippe Briand SY300: an innovative 90m sailyacht
Philippe Briand is a visionary designer able to integrate new technologies with a contemporary style of boats, made up of essential lines and great formal cleanliness. This 90 meter sail yacht also presents a solution for harnessing theenergy producedby the motion of the hull in the water by Rebecca... Read more