Ten years of yacht design: production boat
After having looked at how custom and semi-custom yacht design has developed over the last decade, it’s time to look at the most significant elements in the development of production yacht design, focusing on 10-15+ metre yachts by Maria Roberta Morso and Francesco Michienzi An analysis of what has happened... Read more
Anvera 55, for the most demanding clients
A high performance maxi rhib built in infusion and carbon fibre. The underlying philosophy is that of a very fast vessel with low fuel consumption and an unusual outdoor living area by Francesco Popia – photo by Andrea Muscatello Tenders have always been associated with a larger vessel; in... Read more
Anvera 55, energy at the top
The design is by Aldo Drudi who is also responsible for most of the colorations of the helmets worn by Valentino Rossi. The technical project, including both the waterline and hull shape design, is by Brunello Acampora of Victory Design. The structure is by Luca Olivari and the modeling... Read more