Suzuki outboards get their fill of technology

Inside Suzuki outboards with energy saving and sustainable technology within everyone’s reach, from Suzuki Learn Burn to Precision Control and Keyless, to SYNCRO-EYE

The Suzuki Lean Burn is the lean burn system used on Suzuki outboards from 9.9 hp (DF9.9B). How does it work? A network of sensors measures a series of engine parameters such as load, throttle opening and environmental data, so the system is able to calculate in advance and with precision how much petrol must be injected by the injection system into the combustion chambers in relation to the amount of air required for combustion to be as efficient as possible.

The system constantly optimises the petrol-air mixture, reducing the percentage of fuel and increasing the percentage of comburent: in two words: + air – petrol. The advantages of this system are tangible over a wide range of engine speeds, providing significant improvements in engine economy, especially at cruising speeds, with fuel savings that can reach very interesting values, up to -14%, while also reducing the amount of CO2 produced, to the benefit of the environment.

Suzuki Precision Control “SPC” and Keyless Start System have been unveiled in a revamped and improved software version. Suzuki Precision Control, available on Suzuki models equipped with drive-by-wire technology, from the Suzuki DF115BG to the Suzuki DF350A, is the electronic throttle system through which the person at the helm controls the throttle and inverter/gearbox of their outboard.

With the new release of the system, it is now possible to control up to six outboard motors with the installation of a double throttle, instead of four as in the past. In this way Suzuki is responding to a strong market trend, which increasingly prefers the use of outboard propulsion systems on large boats, even over 50 feet in length, which therefore require multiple installations of engines on the transom. To make this system even easier to use, the designers have also equipped the Suzuki Precision Control with a “1 lever mode” function, so that the throttle and gearbox functions of all installed engines can be synchronised using just one lever, the left one.

The new Suzuki Precision Control also brings Suzuki’s first automatic trim system, which autonomously adjusts the trim of the outboard motor, i.e. its inclination relative to the transom, according to the boat’s load conditions and set speed, while sailing. 

Automatic trim adjustment optimises the outboard’s overall performance: better performance, lower fuel consumption and increased on-board comfort. So whoever is at the helm, whether an expert or not, can concentrate on staying on course and enjoying the ride – Suzuki technology will take care of the rest.

In addition to the technological upgrade, the Suzuki Precision Control also revisits pre-rigging in terms of style. The controller and switch panels to be installed in the console have been designed with a new coordinated and stylish look.

Suzuki Italia
Suzuki Italia

Suzuki’s revamped Keyless Start System, in addition to an even more refined switch design – smooth, with the fixing screws out of sight – is available in three versions (vertical, horizontal and separate button) to facilitate installation on any type of console. Suzuki’s keyless start system, via remote control, now allows multiple engines to be started with a single push of a button, improving ease of use.

In addition, the software used by the Suzuki MFG multifunction instruments, which are used to display information essential for controlling the boat while underway, such as engine speed and gear position, has been updated to be compatible with the new SPCs and Suzuki’s new automatic trim and Keyless Start System. There are now 14 menu languages available.

Another innovation that the Japanese manufacturer is presenting for the 2022 boating season is SYNCRO-EYE. This technology, developed over time by Suzuki, is an integrated system that, thanks to the use of a single, secure, high-performance digital network, connects the various Suzuki devices so that they can operate in perfect synchrony. SYNCRO-EYE not only connects Suzuki outboards with the onboard electronic instrumentation, Suzuki Multi-Function Display (SMD) and Suzuki Multi-Function Gauge (MFG), it also connects and supports the functionality of the pre-rigging systems located on the bridge, the wheelhouse, the electronic throttles, the joystick, and accessories such as the Keyless Start System. This system will improve the boat’s control technology by “sensing” the various surrounding situations and will be able to include new sensors and new vehicle control technologies in its network.

(Suzuki outboards get their fill of technology – – March 2022)