Sunseeker Italy, William Burns tells the new course

During the opening of the new offices in Lavagna and a year since the return of Sunseeker in Italy we met William Burns, Sales Director of Sunseeker Italy who said he was satisfied with the performance in these 12 months.

«Our Predator range has received a lot of interest. The Brand New Sunseeker Predator 74 model is truly incredible and we think that the New Sunseeker 74 Sport Yacht, presents in Cannes and Genoa 2018, will grab the attention of the Italian market as well. Our award winning Sunseeker Manhattan 52 still continues to be a popular choice for the local market. I think mainly due to the price, quality, volume and incredible use of space and versatility to suit all boat owners’requirements».

«We have a fantastic new head office here in Lavagna which has been a significant investment – Burns Added – but again it shows clients our strong and promising intentions moving forward…!! We want to continue sharing the Sunseeker story with the local market and ensure that all existing and future clients know that we are back and stronger than ever… It is extremely important for boat owners and future clients to know that when the time is right and they are considering a new purchase… we are ready for them!».

The presence in Italy of Sunseeker London Group underlines how much our territory is important and it is a part of a strategy, which aims to reaffirm the strong identity of the English brand. With 37 offices in 20 countries throughout Europe and Northern Africa, year on year the Sunseeker London Group sells over half of the Sunseeker production. The group employes over 150 staff that collectively can communicate in 14 different languages..

(Sunseeker Italy, William Burns tells the new course – – Settembre 2018)