Sunseeker: major investments and new models in 2021

Six new models coming in 2021 and during the next year. The British shipyard is going to invest 40 million in new projects

by Niccolò Volpati

“Everything flows”, as Heraclitus said – though for Sunseeker we could also say that everything grows. In 2020, during the Covid year, they received an astonishing amount of orders, enough to guarantee a surplus of work for the next four years. However, the UK yard is not complacent, expanding its sales network with 120 new dealers while continuing to invest new projects’ development.

“Not many companies are going to invest 40 million euros in the next few years,” says CEO Andrea Frabetti, presenting some of the innovations that are already here (and the upcoming ones) at the Cannes Yachting Show.

Sunseeker Superhawk 55
Sunseeker Superhawk 55

Starting with the most distant ones, the Superhawk 55, which will be launched in 2022. This is the new model that will enrich the shipyard’s Performance range and will be powered by two IPS 950s and a 725 HP Volvo D11 engine. The top speed is set to reach 38 knots and the layout has been designed to meet all the needs of those who want to have fun on the water. Agility, performance, but also a kind of party boat. Sliding windows, doors and bulkheads enable her to transform into an open boat and the numerous lockers are perfect for storing water toys, SeaBobs and water skis, as well as a Williams 325 Jet tender.

Sunseeker Predator 55 Evo
Sunseeker Predator 55 Evo

Fifty-five feet is a size that Sunseeker has decided to devote a lot of attention to. Predator 55 EVO is a yacht with exceptional steering agility thanks to its fly-by-wire system. The dashboard has also been revamped with touch screen panels for intuitive control of functions and systems and as for the interior, the design has focused on optimising the available space.

Sunseeker Manhattan 55
Sunseeker Manhattan 55

The Manhattan 55 is also of the same size, featuring an innovative system of sliding windows that create continuity between interior and exterior spaces. Just press a button and it’s ready to go.

Sunseeker 65 Sport Yacht

Growing in size, among the new additions is the 65 Sport Yacht, which is a radically different boat from the yard’s other 60-foot models. The design of the interior and exterior spaces is quite innovative. One of the key features is the natural light that filters into the lower deck and then the SkyHelm. It is a sporty, high-performance yacht and the dashboard has been designed to resemble that of a supercar.

Sunseeker 88 Yacht
Sunseeker 88 Yacht
Sunseeker 90 Ocean
Sunseeker 90 Ocean

“The Yacht and Ocean ranges,” explained Andrea Frabetti, “are completely different from each other and are aimed at different categories of owners”. The 88 is the ideal yacht for families who like to have fun and relax, while the 90 Ocean enhances the space available both below deck and outdoors. She has a great range, reaching up to 1,800 miles at 12 knots of speed, making her ideal for owners who like to cover many miles on long cruises.

Andrea Frabetti
Andrea Frabetti, CEO Sunseeker

Technical specifications

Superhawk 55
LOA 16.84m – Beam 4.95m – Draft 1.27m – Displacement 22,000 kg – Fuel tank volume 2,200 litres – Water tank volume 435 litres – Engines 2xIPS 950 Volvo D11 725 hp

Predator 55 EVO
LOA 17.05m – Beam 4.48m – Draft 1.33m – Displacement 21,000 kg – Fuel tank volume 1,800 litres – Water tank volume 450 litres

Manhattan 55
LOA 17.21m – Beam 4.87m – Draft 1.37m – Displacement 27,000 kg – Fuel tank volume 2,200 litres – Water tank volume 600 litres

65 Sport Yacht
LOA 20.50m – Beam 5.10m – Draft 1.60m – Displacement 37,810 kg – Fuel tank volume 3,500 litres – Water tank volume 800 litres

88 Yacht
LOA 26.38m – Beam 6.47m – Draft 1.95m – Displacement 75,400 kg – Fuel tank volume 11,000 litres – Water tank volume 1,400 litres

90 Ocean
LOA 27.10m – Beam 7.16m – Draft 1.86m – Displacement 79,300 kg – Fuel tank volume 13,000 litres – Water tank volume 1,500 litres

(Sunseeker, major investments and new models in 2021 – – September 2021)