Sundeck 430 S, fun for sure

A winning compromise between an open and a cruiser, with an innovative design that draws on the advantages of both, allowing you to enjoy cruising without any sacrifices

by Niccolò Volpati – photo by Andrea Muscatello

THE FIRST TIME I SEE IT IN THE DOCK, THE NEW SUNDECK 430 S STRIKES ME AS BEING THE PERFECT BOAT FOR THE MEDITERRANEAN. The concept stems from the in-house technical department, while the appearance and layout have been created by Zuccheri Design, which also has the task of designing the shipyard’s entire new range. The deck and interior seem to have been designed especially for the Mediterranean climate. With many people seeking continuity between the open spaces and interiors, Sundeck has simply removed certain elements that otherwise create a barrier.

Sundeck 430 S

The Sundeck 430 S has elements of both an open and a walkaround, but with the volumes of a trawler. Essentially, it provides the perfect setup for the Mediterranean.

The central part of the deck is completely open at the sides and towards the stern, while the T-Top remains, providing shelter from poor weather and, most importantly, from the sun. You get the sensation of being on board a ‘pure’ open, or one of those extra-large sporty RIBs, with only a windshield and bimini. Fully open and fully accessible, both in terms of the view and moving around, but still with a feeling of protection. 

Sundeck 430 S

The windshield, for example, continues past the side corners but then comes to an abrupt halt, protecting whoever is at the helm but without restricting freedom of movement onboard. An excellent solution for a boat that is being marketed for use in the Mediterranean, but which is also suited for going further afield. After all, warm weather can be found elsewhere on the planet too, and the T-Top that extends over a large proportion of the cockpit is ideal. The cockpit features a table with two facing linear sofas, and there is a sundeck forward of the deckhouse.

Sundeck 430 S
Sundeck 430 S

Moving around onboard is extremely simple. The walkaround philosophy has been enacted perfectly, in particular on the side walkways and at the bow.

The walkaround layout affords the excellent distribution of useable space, with tall, full sides that ensure it is easy to move anywhere on the boat even when it is moving. And there’s no risk of overheating since, in addition to all the openings on the side, the T-Top has two sliding hatches. With these open too, practically all that is left is the frame of the uprights. 

The windows that come down to the water level in the cabin at the stern give the feeling of an expansive space, and make it a pleasant place to spend one’s time.

Continuing the open, walkaround philosophy, the space below deck is dedicated solely to the sleeping quarters, with the master suite at the bow and the head and the guest cabin at the stern. The latter has been well designed by Zuccheri, with windows on the sides and portholes providing plenty of light and ventilation. The liveability is good too, despite being undoubtedly smaller than the cabin at the bow, with an impressive 187 cm ceiling height at the entrance, and 87 cm above the two bunks. Space therefore does not feel restricted: on the contrary, the two side windows that go right down to the surface of the water offer a wonderful view of the outside world. In other words, it is a cabin that you don’t feel the need to leave in a hurry, despite being located underneath the cockpit.

Having finished our patrol above and below deck, it’s time to set sail. The ergonomics at the dashboard are good when standing, but the throttles are too far away if steering when seated. However, the feeling of protection and the 360° view from the helmsman’s chair are fantastic. The engine room contains two inline 570 hp FPT N67 engines, although you can also choose two 450 hp FPT N67s, two 550 hp Cummins engines, or two 550 hp diesel Mercury engines. Alternatively, the boat also comes in a version with four 300 or 450 hp outboard Mercury engines.

Sundeck 430 S
The engine room is well insulated. In the master cabin, located far from the propellors, the decibel levels are low. When cruising they range from 66 to 71 dbA.

The naval architecture creates highly efficient waterlines, and we cross the waves of our wake without too much disturbance. The boat planes effortlessly. At 13.7 knots and total consumption of 95 liters/hour, the hull remains well out of the water, in part thanks to the lack of unnecessary weight resulting from its vacuum-infused construction. The benefits of this can also be seen in the relatively low fuel consumption. We reached a maximum speed of 33.7 knots, exactly 20 knots more than the minimum planing speed. And a range of 20 knots is plenty for any pleasure boater to choose his or her preferred cruising speed.

Sundeck 430 S
The design is clean but not minimalist, designed more for practicality than to wow onlookers.

Engine room
The engine room contains two inline 570 hp FPT N67 engines, or you can choose a pair of 550 hp outboard Cummins QSB6.7 or 550 hp Mercury Diesel 6.7 motors.

Sundeck Yachts
Calata Porto Turistico 47
I-16033 Lavagna (GE)
T+39 0185 044 781
[email protected]

PROJECT: Zuccheri Yacht Design and shipyard technical department

HULL: LOA 13.20m Maximum beam 4.24m Draft 1.00m Light mass displacement 12,500 kg Fuel tank volume 2,000 l  Water tank volume 500 l

MAIN PROPULSION: 2xFTP N67 570 Evo 4 Stroke Outlet mechanical power 419 kW (570 hp) 6 in line cylinders Swept volume 6.7 l Bore&Stroke 104mm x 132mm Dry weight 721 kg


PRICE: starting from 629.000 Euros, Excl.VAT, powered with two FPT N67 450 hp

(Sundeck 430 S, fun for sure – – January 2021)