Strength in numbers, Bs Nautic and Blu Yachts together for Pardo Yachts

The agreement between Bs Nautic and Blu Yachts aims to strengthen Pardo Yachts in the Adriatic macro-area to expand the Eastern European market

Together we are stronger, this is the logic behind the partnership between Bs Nautic, the official dealer of Cantiere del Pardo, and its counterpart Blu Yachts, itself a dealer and reference point for the major Italian shipbuilding brands. The aim is to increase the presence of the Pardo brand throughout the Adriatic ‘macro-area’ and to unite in a single organisation the development strategy aimed at the promising Eastern European market, from the Italian side of the Adriatic to Poland, passing through (among others) Croatia, Albania and Montenegro.

pardo yachts

An expansion project in which Bs Nautic and, consequently, Cantiere del Pardo, strongly believe, to the point of wanting to create a synergy with those who, looking towards the East and Central Europe, have already obtained considerable satisfaction: Blu Yachts, a Timone Yachts Group company led by Luigi Gambelli and Paolo Moresco, who have built up a widespread sales network and respectable territorial ties in this area.

“In Portopiccolo we have built, together with my colleagues Piero Sermenghi and Roberto Cabrini, a beautiful Pardo ‘base’ which is our pride and joy and represents a sort of showcase where you can see the Pardo Yachts models and where every year we organize the Pardo Yachts Week with the exhibition of all our boats. It’s exactly on this occasion that we could perceive the value of the interesting Eastern European market, which is in strong expansion and more and more attracted by our brand”, comments Stefano Quaggiotti, for years rooted in Pardo and contact person for the Adriatic project of Pardo Yachts. 

“In this case, the partnership makes us even more pleased because it comes from a relationship with Gambelli that before being professional is human and full of esteem. In Luigi and in his Blu Yachts we saw the ideal partner for Pardo’s expansion project: reliability, long lasting experience, deep knowledge of the reference market are not characteristics that can be improvised and the most ambitious goals need partners of this calibre” he concluded.

Luigi Gambelli also emphasises the importance of constructive synergies between operators in the sector: “Our objective of expanding our business eastwards is well known, and we are evaluating the possibility of opening offices in southern Croatia, Montenegro and Albania. Collaborations with important partners like Pardo Yachts and Bs Nautic are welcome, as they show us that we are on the right track. It’s important to feel on the same wavelength with those who want to build an innovative, far-sighted project to be present in the Adriatic and Central European areas: these are very interesting opportunities for the Made in Italy shipbuilding sector, which we must seize”.

Top image: Pardo Endurance 60

(Unity is strength, Bs Nautic and Blu Yachts together for Pardo Yachts – – February 2022)