Sicmi Sea Style, where all the fun begins

Pasquale Di Napoli, CEO at Sicmi Sea Style, tells us how his dream of constructing pleasure ship from steel and aluminium became reality. He builds hulls for the leading Italian and international shipyards, supported by his team

by Rebecca Gentilini

«I was born surrounded by sheets of steel, but I’ve dreamed of being at sea ever since I was a child. The innate confidence of boats has always enchanted me, and, after gaining significant experience in the mechanical engineering sector, this passion inspired me to change and become a ‘craftsman’ in the naval field». 

Sicmi Sea Style 3These are the words of Pasquale Di Napoli, CEO of Sicmi Sea Style, a firm based in Massafra in the province of Taranto that works in the architectural metal sector, and which since 2004 has also been building superyachts. Pasquale Di Napoli’s underlying concept is to bring the philosophy of ‘Italian building’ into the nautical sector, combining the attention to detail of craftsmanship with the natural inclination for cutting-edge technology and constant improvement typical of industrial firms.

Everything is based on a passion for the product, incredible attention to detail and the desire to go even further, and the company is continually challenging itself. Sicmi Sea Style’s main aims are to stay up-to-date with the certification required by national and international legislation, to anticipate trends in safety and environmental protection, to experiment with the latest technologies and to implement new services for clients.

The company has the expertise to cover all stages of the manufacturing process. In its shipyards in Piombino, around 100 staff work on different aspects: from construction and cutting to creating the hull and producing steel or lightweight alloy superstructures, always respecting the quality and technical standards of superyachts, including in the steel preparation and straightening.

Sicmi Sea Style«We’ve just completed a superyacht for the American market, 67 m long and 12 m wide, with a steel hull and lightweight alloy structures above deck. It’s a fast pleasure craft, designed to provide every possible comfort and equipped with a private helicopter pad, a swimming pool and a ‘beach’ at the stern, as well as a garage for tenders. We began work in 2015, and it has been an intense and very stimulating project. Our aim is to create one boat along these lines every eighteen months, and we already have a new commission on the way», Di Napoli explained.

The quality of the bodywork, the skill of the engineers and the promotion of Italian manufacturing in global luxury yachting make Sicmi Sea Style a reliable partner, ready to meet the construction and design needs of the best shipyards across the world, including everything a boat needs in terms of functionality and feasibility.

(Maggio 2018)