Seakeeper Ride: The Technology that Transforms Sailing

Seakeeper Ride is undoubtedly the most talked-about novelty in the world’s marine accessory industry. This patented dynamic trim stabilisation system, distributed in Italy by INDEMAR, represents an unprecedented leap in quality. Its mission? To eliminate up to 70 per cent of pitching, rolling and yawing of vessels underway.

The introduction of the Seakeeper Ride in the marine industry paved the way for the creation of a new category of stabilization in navigation, the Vessel Attitude Control System (VACS), derived from the Attitude Control Systems (ACS) used in the space plane industry, is ideal for controlling pitch, roll and yaw in navigation.


Behind Seakeeper Ride is a specially developed software and sensor system capable of recording as many as 1,000 different parameters, enabling the rotary actuators installed on the transom, below the waterline, to counter wave motion with 100 adjustments per second. The result? A more comfortable and safer sailing experience.

“Seakeeper has always been committed to coming up with disruptive technologies that represent a radical change from what is currently available,” said Andrew Semprevivo, president and CEO of Seakeeper. “Our new stabilizer is not just an incremental improvement; it transforms the feeling of being on a boat in motion.”

Key Features

Here are some of the key features of the stabilizer:

  1. Tilt Elimination: The system prevents the boat from tilting due to movement on board, providing unprecedented stability.
  2. Automatic Alignment: The boat automatically aligns to the optimal forward angle, improving efficiency and manoeuvrability.
  3. Automatic Heeling Angle Adjustment: During turns, the system automatically adjusts the heeling angle, ensuring consistent comfort at any speed.
  4. Interfacing with Latest Generation MFDs: The system can be easily connected to all brands’ modern multifunction displays (MFDs).
  5. Customized Control: Optionally, the stabilizer can be controlled via a dedicated control panel.



Three models are currently available: SEAKEEPER RIDE 450 (for boats up to 25 feet), SEAKEEPER RIDE 525 (for boats from 27 to 30 feet) and SEAKEEPER RIDE 600 (for boats from 31 to 35 feet).

Immediate Availability

Interested parties can find it for prompt delivery at INDEMAR warehouses in Busalla, Genoa.

(Seakeeper Ride: The Technology that Transforms Sailing – – March 2024)