Sea Cat 40: Rossinavi presents its all-electric catamaran concept

At Miami Design Week earlier this month, Rossinavi unveiled the Sea Cat 40, a new all-electric catamaran concept, the first conceived by the brand.

Rossinavi’s concept is inspired by phytoplankton, marine algae that play a key role in the food chain and live in the upper layers of the oceans where they are able to convert sunlight into energy for their survival. At night, the energy stored during the day is released, making the phytoplankton bioluminescent.

The Sea Cat 40 is designed to absorb sunlight and convert it into energy using photovoltaic capabilities. The catamaran can store and harness clean energy thanks to its advanced battery technology and solar panels.

sea cat 40

The panels produce enough kWh to meet the daily electricity consumption of five or six average American households. This green energy can be used for on-board services, making the cruising experience quiet and environmentally friendly, or to power a villa on land.

In the case of transatlantic crossings, the catamaran can sail continuously for 20 days, covering a distance of 3,850 nm at a speed of 8 kn. The Sea Cat 40’s sophisticated artificial intelligence and centralised control system enable it to maintain the state of charge of the batteries between 40% and 80%, so that the charge is preserved and they last longer. Ocean crossing with Sea Cat 40 aims to have a very low environmental impact; the catamaran can be programmed to sail 80% of the crossing in full-electric mode, supported by diesel-electric mode for the remaining 20%. On day-to-day use, the catamaran can run 100% in full-electric mode.

sea cat 40

The idea is to create a link between nature, electricity and the avant-garde. Supported by the most advanced technologies, Sea Cat 40 is able to offer excellent performance while prioritising the environment, a real challenge for the future of boating and a milestone for the yard,” says Federico Rossi, Chief Operating Officer of Rossinavi.

Italian architect Fulvio De Simoni was invited by Rossinavi to develop the exterior and interior architecture of the Sea Cat 40, which boasts a modern and elegant design featuring large open spaces, including a 100 sqm salon & dining area, 5 guest cabins and 4 crew cabins for a total of 7 staff members.

Federico Rossi e Fulvio de Simoni

Federico Rossi and Fulvio De Simoni

Technical details

Length overall: 42,75 m – 140′ 3″

Maximum beam: 13,75 m – 45′ 1″

Draft: 1,80 m – 5′ 11″

Gross Tonnage: < 500 GT

Guests: 2 + 8

Guest cabins: 1 + 4

Crew members: 1 + 6

Crew cabins: 1 + 3

Superstructure material: Aluminium

Hull material: Aluminium

Exterior Design: Fulvio De Simoni Yacht Design

Interior Design: Fulvio De Simoni Yacht Design

(Sea Cat 40: Rossinavi presents the all-electric catamaran – – December 2021)