Sanlorenzo SX112, infinite purity

The SX112 is the flagship of Sanlorenzo’s crossover SX line. With an overall length of 34.16 metres, it is a blend between the classic motor yacht with a flybridge and an explorer type boat. Designed by Zuccon International Project, its interiors are by Piero Lissoni

by Mariateresa Campolongo

SIMPLE, REFINED, ORDERED AND TECHNOLOGICAL. Those are the only words you need to describe the SX112, the latest superyacht from the Sanlorenzo yard, which is the result of the perfectly coordinated work by Zuccon International Project (exteriors) and Piero Lissoni, who did the interior design. The cooperation between the two companies could already be seen in previous yachts, but with the SX112 we can see a further refinement that in terms of design has meant that the lines are extremely clean, both inside and out, and has meant that the relationship between the various areas has become more rational.

«The larger size after the previous boats in the same range has allowed us to provide new opportunities and new outlooks». Bernardo Zuccon, Zuccon International Project

Contrary to what you might think, a yacht that at first glance transmits simplicity and purity requires a greater effort at the planning stage to ensure that everything is in place on board. You can’t fall into the trap of being ostentatious or having a pointless overabundance of objects, frills, materials and colours that haven’t featured in contemporary homes for some time, but which unfortunately are still quite often seen in yacht designs. The yacht’s profile has all of the style features of the SX range, but the lines are more simplified on the 112, with the result that shapes and volumes are more obviously balanced. The Zuccon International Project design studio has handled the consolidation of an image, by working to develop the family feeling of the range. But the firm has also had the chance to strengthen some linguistic choices with the increase in size.

«I have always been very fascinated by this boat because I find in it something that somehow represents a language that is very close to my way of experiencing the sea». Bernardo Zuccon, Zuccon International Project

«There is more ‘oxygen’ available on the SX112 to put over the stylistic message, as part of a rationale of signals in which harmony and balance of volumes can be traced back to language that is linked to the principles of organic architecture. The shapes are fluid and almost reflect great marine mammals. This is a product for people who truly like the essence of the sea. It combines a transversal and innovative dwelling type, which changes traditional distribution balance, with what is now seen as ‘must-haves’ which the market demands even from smaller boats», says Bernardo Zuccon, who adds: «On this boat, the work was extremely synergetic, and the exteriors and interiors have a profound dialogue with one another, I believe that Piero Lissoni has perfectly interpreted what were the most essential elements of this yacht, and – with the ideas that he has brought to the table – to add value to a project, including in terms of the work done on the exterior lines».

We have had an advance look at the size of the SX112 during the 2019 “FuoriSalone” event in Milan, with the From Shipyard to Courtyard installation inside the Statale University, where Piero Lissoni did a full-scale reinterpretation of this boat. By showing only the most important part of the boat, Lissoni had highlighted the brilliance of the craftsmen who for generations have shaped these sophisticated objects, and perfectly connected Sanlorenzo’s past and future. That is a future which today has materialised in a 34-metre yacht, which keeps the family feeling of the range, but which strengthens some of the choices in terms of stylistic language, with the larger size, which has meant not just an increase in volumes but also new opportunities in terms of onboard living.

The SX crossover line is the intelligent answer to a question that the Sanlorenzo yard asked itself during the years of economic crisis: «Who is still going to be buying a yacht?». That was a reflection that led to picturing a possible buyer who liked being on the water, and who didn’t purchase a boat to show off, but who genuinely wanted to experience contact with the sea. That is how the crossover range was born, as a perfect combination of the Mediterranean motor yacht and an explorer type boat. It has ample room in the stern so that you can enjoy close contact with nature and also carry several water toys.

The ninety square metre beach is made up of an internal area with gym space, that is directly connected through large glass sliding doors to the exterior, where the water toys are kept. You can extend this space still further with fold-down terraces, that can be fitted out with four Living Divani outdoor mattresses.

After the successful experiments on its little sisters, the SX88 and SX76, the SX112 has a beach set-up that covers a full 90 square metres, which includes both exterior and interior, with a gym area that is directly linked through large sliding glass doors to optimise the indoor-outdoor connection. And all of this big platform over the sea can be further extended with two fold-down terraces, with four Living Divani mattresses for the exterior. What the designers are looking for is very clear when the yacht is opened right up in this way: there is a kind of blend and fusion with the sea, it seems almost as if the boat disappears and ceases to exist, leaving the scene open for the surrounding nature. The fundamental concept of thrilling guests is also used in the interior, with the open space on the main deck that has a charming stern-to-bow view, thanks to there being just one helming position. This is located on the flybridge – a characteristic of the SX line, which optimises the use of space in an incredible way.

«Every SX boat is created with a staircase, which in a few cases has been a bit of a gamble. On the 112 we designed a staircase that in reality was a kind of Ducati Monster motorbike because we worked with a light, and very technical metal fabric». Piero Lissoni

As happens with the other two models in the range, the first thing that strikes you when you go onboard is the staircase. It isn’t relegated to be a technical area that is hidden away, or – worse still – something that is cloying or hyper-decorated. It is instead a space with its worth, and its language, one that catches your eye and makes you want to look around the boat. The staircase also played a central role in the design of the SX88, with the stairs made in wenge, which looked as if they were floating in the air. Then the SX76 had a spectacular but elegant white staircase that felt a bit like a shell, that wraps around itself and the SX112 couldn’t, of course, be anything less. The sculptured staircase on this the latest boat is in a helical shape, and goes across three levels to connect every deck; at the main deck level, it is wrapped in a transparent oval volume which gives it an ethereal allure, as if you were within a treasure chest. «I wanted to resolve the vertical connection», states Piero Lissoni, «as an architect I consider how to introduce surprising elements inside boats, like staircases. Every boat in the SX line starts with a staircase, which from time to time has been a bit of a gamble. On the 112 we designed a staircase which was a kind of Ducati Monster motorbike because we worked with a very technical light metallic fabric. The lowest common denominator of the range is linked to two things: open space and staircases which we reinvent every time».

But what is also surprising about the SX112 is how it gets a mix of contemporary, ethnic, vintage and iconic elements to come together in the same space. The common theme of the interiors is the graphic effect of the ceiling, which is created by delicate natural tatami matting interspaced with recesses containing aluminium rails for the Flos spotlights. On the main deck, the natural and delicate effect is highlighted by the brushed oak flooring by Domenico Mori and the use of Alpi wood with a warm grey colour, which covers all of the vertical elements, behind which well-equipped spaces emerge, where you can

stow everything you need to spend the day onboard. That allows the space to be freed of the clutter that you normally find on boats, but without taking anything away from being able to enjoy it; deep in the bows, where there is no apparent sign of containers, there are amazing storage spaces behind the panels, with doors with integrated handles and back-lit floors in yellow-veined white onyx. Between the two Dock sofas designed by Piero Lissoni for B&B Italia, there are two 637 Utrecht armchairs by Gerrit T. Rietveld for Cassina with Charlot covering. The blue colour of the fabric gets your attention and gives character and movement to a room that plays with warm and soft tones. Different characters from the history of design live together side by side, perfectly balanced throughout the main deck: there are four Menhir tables by Lissoni for Living Divani in scratched oak, the 194 table for Cassina in white Carrara marble, the Quincoces’ Era Table for Living Divani with a red wine lacquered top, and the PK80 bench by Fritz Hansen covered in black leather.

Right in the bows, faced with a beautiful view owing to the lack of a typical wheelhouse, there is an extendible dining table, with the marble surface sliding open, which is surrounded by iconic seats created by the great masters of design and which are sought after by European vintage galleries: Albini, Bertoia, Breuer, Hansen and so on. It feels as if you are diving into the history of design, not least because of the presence of four LC3 chairs by Le Corbusier on the starboard side, which is another pleasant convivial area.

The only helm station is on the upper deck: there is no sign of massive chairs, but rather the refined Soft Pad Chair by Charles & Ray Eames, produced by Vitra, customised, and fixed to the floor with a chrome-plated structure. The black mesh of the chair together with the plexiglass of the control panel help to create a feeling of lightness and elegance.

The indoor-outdoor connection is also strong on the flybridge, with the continuation of the teak flooring, which is also used on the ceiling. On this deck, your attention gets drawn to the red of the dining table, which – albeit in a pleasant way – breaks up the soft atmosphere created by the ivory white of the sofas, with storage underneath, and the dove-grey of the Mirto chairs by Antonio Citterio produced by B&B Italia.

«We have tried to keep a strong family feeling with its older sisters since I believe that the SX range has a signature look that is unmistakable». Bernardo Zuccon, Zuccon International Project

The owner’s cabin, and the two VIP cabins, are located on the lower deck. The master cabin is directly connected to the gym area in the stern.The ceiling and floor have the same look, with the choice of a natural tatami matting interspaced with chrome-plated rails.The double bed has a cylindrical lifting system, and there is storage underneath on the boat floor. The master bathroom is done completely in smooth green Alpi marble, which gives the area a homogenous feel.

On the lower deck, there are the two VIP cabins, a lounge (convertible into an additional cabin) and the master cabin, which is directly connected to the gym and isn’t excessively large. All of this is to leave more room for daytime activities.

Sanlorenzo SX112
Thanks to the four Volvo Penta engines of 1,000 hp each and the IPS 1350S transmissions, this superyacht has a range of 1,200 nautical miles at the economical cruising speed of 12 knots.

One of the interesting features of the SX112 is the position of the engine room: the four Volvo IPS3 engines are located right in the stern, underneath the swimming platform, and that means that five metres in depth and eight in width are gained for usable areas, so a full forty square metres. All of the operating systems are concentrated in a channel that is 1.40 metres wide by 1.60 high.

Engine room
One of the unusual things about the SX112 is the engine room with four Volvo IPS3 1350S engines, for a total of 2,940 kW at 2500 rpm, which are situated right at the end of the stern under the swimming platform. Top speed is 23.5 knots.

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PROJECT: Zuccon International Project (Exterior Design) Piero Lissoni (Interior Design)

HULL: LOA 34.16m Maximum beam 8m Draught @ half load 1.85m Displacement 149 t Fuel tanks volume 18,000 l Water tanks volume2,200 l

MAIN PROPULSION: 4 x Volvo IPS3 1350S 1,000 hp Maximum speed (approx.) 23 kn +/- 5% Cruising speed (approx.) 20 kn +/- 5% Economical speed (approx.)12 kn

GENSETS: 1 x 55 kW – 1 x 70 kW

(Sanlorenzo SX112, infinite purity – – February 2021)