Sacs, custom made RIBS

It is a moment of great excitement for Sacs: the Rebel 40 has just been added to the 47, but the Strider range also expands with the arrival of 700 and 900. Christian Grande’s signature is always unmistakable

by Niccolò Volpati

Even before I started sailing, I began with a rubber dinghy. I was eight years old, and my father had bought it together with a colleague of his. Its keel and floorboards were in wood, and, fully dismantled, we could load it on the luggage rack of the car, while the 25 hp engine would go in the luggage compartment.
We would reach an island, preferably Greek, inflate it (by hand!) and begin to motor around for several weeks, sleeping in a tent on the boat itself or on the beach.


Sacs Strider 13 Sacs Strider 13

Sacs Strider 13

It was a romantic way of living the pioneering era of pleasure boating. The ‘70s and ‘80s were a historic moment that propelled yachting and the Italian nautical industry to the point that, today, Italy is undisputed leader in the manufacture of high quality RIBs. Among our champions of excellence, a place of honour certainly belongs to the maxi RIBs produced by the true industry pioneer Sacs and designed by Christian Grande.

The company presented the Strider several years ago at the Genoa Boat Show, achieving great success thanks to a unique mix of features still present in its production today. Close attention to design is seen throughout the various models of the shipyard, including the very recent Rebel 40, which made its debut a few months ago in Cannes. The first input on the size of a new model comes from the yard, but then it is the designer who realizes the draft. This is when the real collaboration starts with the Sacs technical office, which has the task of transforming the design into a new inflatable boat.


Sacs Strider 900

Sacs Strider 900

The long collaboration over time, has allowed the consolidation of an unmistakable style. Although maxi RIBs are now commonplace, it is impossible to confuse a Rebel or a Strider with any other boat. This uniqueness has been rewarded by the market, given that in the first year and a half of production, Sacs sold a Rebel 47 ever single month. But success has not only come from this.

Sacs has been able to meet the demands of new owners, not only because it makes increasingly bigger RIBs, but, above all, because it offers almost total customization. This is especially true for the Rebel range, which, today, consists of the 47 and the new 40, but also applies to the Strider range. Despite being a more standard products in principle, the owner can, in fact, customize both aesthetics and functionality.

Sacs _Rebel 47

Sacs Rebel 47


The two smaller boats, the 700 and the 900, that before belonged to the Sport range, have been modified and included in the Strider range, now with seven models up to 18 metres in length. The bigger Rebels and RIBs, that is those of 19 or 20 metres, on the other hand, are like tailored suits, made to measure, in the true sense of the term, because they are fully customizable, just like when yards offer mega-yachts in fibreglass, aluminium or steel.

The great news does not end here. In addition to the new Rebel 47, and the entry of the 700 and 900 into the Strider family, the yard is also renewing its communications strategy. The first tangible sign of this change is the restyling of its website,

(Sacs, custom made RIBS  – – October 2018)