Royal Huisman Phi exceeds 20 knots in the North Sea: the video

Royal Huisman’s 58.5m / 192ft motoryacht PHI at its sea trial in the North Sea (wind: Bft 5 and waves up to 1.4m / 5ft) exceeded 20 knots. 

PHI stands out with her low, elegant profile, a trademark of the Dutch yard. Royal Huisman has in fact delivered over thirty sailing superyachts with this feature, specialising in the engineering challenges that come with such a design choice.

royal huismanfrom left to right: Cor D. Rover, owner’s representative and project manager Guy Booth, Royal Huisman team, Perry van Oossanen

Explaining the philosophy behind the concept is Cor D. Rover, who was responsible for PHI’s overall concept, exterior design and interior layout: “The owner of PHI wanted to build a yacht that had a story behind it, a deep understanding that ran through all aspects of the yacht, from the exterior lines to the interior. After much thought, exploring different concepts, we discovered the rich and detailed history behind the PHI symbol. The evidence of this is all around us. The more one studies, for example, the growth sequences in nature, the more one is amazed. The mathematically perfect way in which a Nautilus shell or a sunflower grows is truly amazing. Some people call it coincidence, others call it natural evolution, and I, being a spiritual person, call it divine”.

On the technical side too, Royal Huisman has left nothing to chance. Fuel efficiency is guaranteed by Van Oossanen’s XL Fast Displacement Hull Form. “As there are no electric chargers between the Azores and the Caribbean, this seemed the best solution at the moment. The impact will be so minimal, until the day when renewables are the norm,” comments Cor D. Rover.

(Royal Huisman Phi exceeds 20 knots in the North Sea: the video – – November 2021)