Royal Huisman and Malcolm McKeon unveil APEX 850


APEX 850 is the new ambitious concept by Royal Huisman and superyacht designer Malcolm McKeon. Above her sleek and powerful 85 m / 279 ft hull, APEX features a towering 107 m / 351 ft air-draft rig that will dominate the marine landscape.

McKeon’s radical design, which focuses on minimalism in every aspect, serves to emphasize the grace and potential of this impressive vessel. The all-glass superstructure, which includes around 200 m2 of guest accommodation and a luxurious salon, is also almost invisible

royal huisman

The APEX 850 is completely resolved in terms of design, naval architecture, and engineering. Technical challenges have been identified and addressed. The concept, therefore, presents itself as an opportunity for an ambitious and creative owner, while maintaining a particularly attractive delivery date for such a project.

Malcolm McKeon comments: “The sailing experience of APEX 850 will be sensational, with speeds in excess of wind speed in most conditions. Her retractable keel optimized weight distribution and limited heel angle will provide stability, comfort and safety for all on board. Her twin high aspect rudders will provide a rapid response to her fly by wire helm.”

Royal Huisman CEO Jan Timmerman adds: “Two of the world’s ten largest sailing yachts, ATHENA and SEA EAGLE II, are Royal Huisman builds and APEX 850 would make a fitting third, easily becoming the largest member of this elite circle. Every Royal Huisman yacht benefits from the research, innovations, and challenges of our previous builds, ensuring this would be the finest yet.”

(Royal Huisman and Malcolm McKeon unveil APEX 850 – – September 2020)