Rosetti Superyachts, Fulvio Dodich take the floor

In Palm Beach we met Fulvio Dodich, the Managing Director of Rosetti Superyachts, the naval yard based in Ravenna, which has presented two new projects, for an 85-metre and a 48-metre boat

by Fabio Bonini

Considering it is Palm Beach in Florida, it’s a fairly cold day. But the atmosphere quickly warms up with a nice espresso and the cheerful arrival of Fulvio Dodich who heads Rosetti Superyachts and is ready to launch in the “Marine Universe”, as he likes to call the sector, a series of new concepts with unique characteristics for a market that is continually growing.

Fulvio Dodich

Fulvio Dodich, for people who don’t know much about you, can you tell us how you went from Ferretti to Rosetti?
There were quite a few years between Ferretti and Rosetti: the whole decade from 2007 to 2017. Of those ten years, around two were spent with Sanlorenzo, and I did a lot of work with investment funds for seven years, when we were also looking at opportunities in the nautical area, as well as other things, until the point when I joined Rosetti in March last year when, after a meeting at Rosetti, we decided to launch this project which we firmly believe in. Very few yards in the world have a history like Rosetti’s. This is something that will definitely be an important element contributing to our success, supported by my experience in the yachting world.

What will be the real challenge for a yard which is highly skilled in building working boats when it breaks into a sector that is already fairly saturated?

RSY 48

RSY 48

The big challenge is only in conveying to the client the fact that a company that is able to guarantee safety for people who work at sea 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, can also provide very high levels of security from a construction point of view and onboard living to yachting as well. The move from commercial boats to yachting is actually fairly simple because what has to be added is carpentry and thus interior design: and I know the best Italian and even overseas designers in this area, who are our subcontractors, and so the work in the end is done by them together with the yard. In home entertainment and onboard systems as well, we have the best suppliers, who we can rely on. Then there is painting and plastering, for which we use the best products on the market. And last but not least, there is customer service, another area in which we are particularly strong. When confronted by a problem, people who are accustomed to providing service for commercial vessels can’t say: “Hi there, we’ll see you in a couple of days.” So there is no real problem in the move from the commercial nautical world. On the other hand, there are very significant advantages that come from that world, where people are used to having to deliver on serious issues, safety, liveability, handling at sea, including rough sea, so in very challenging conditions that not everybody who works in yachting has experience of. So I only see advantages.

This is your first presentation in the United States: have you identified this market as your main one?
Let me make a joke: the market of reference is called the Galaxy, so our market of reference is the world, as our mission statement says: “to be excellent in the Marine Universe.” We shouldn’t think about borders: thought should be free and when you do projects, you have to think at very high levels. Imposing limits, either from a commercial distribution viewpoint or in terms of client type divided by geographical area means thinking small, and you can’t think small if you want to execute big projects. 

Rosetti Superyachts

RSY 85

In Barche March issue we wrote about the 85-metre Supply Vessel, but what will make up the range?
The range is made up of four families of boats: Supply Vessel Yachts, Explorers, Superyachts and Support Vessels with a well-established relationship with Rolls Royce on diesel electric platforms. The product range has already been laid out, but we will talk about it in the coming months as I don’t want to tell you all about it today. To sum up, I can say that another point in our mission is building ships that can sail the seven seas in extreme conditions. We are building a vessel destined for use in Kamchatka. It will exclusively be used for pleasure, but will have to cope with decidedly extreme conditions, given that the temperature can reach 25o Celsius below zero. But even in those conditions there are people who want to go out in a boat and who, as is the case of our client, want to go shark or tuna fishing, or hunt bears.

(Rosetti Superyachts, Fulvio Dodich take the floor – – June 2018)