Rolls-Royce, Black Badge ghost

The Black Badge has an assertive, agile, and powerful nature. This is the purest Rolls-Royce vehicle ever made in the history of the brand

by Francesco Michienzi

Extremely special – already in the black colour characterising its livery – the Rolls-Royce Black Badge Ghost flaunts an extra-pure design. The fittings have been conceived for a dynamic and young audience. Its signature style is the bold design, dark appearance, and strong-willed character, but there is also a strong focus on the mechanics to delight all passengers with a thrilling experience.

Wood, carbon fibre and premium leather make every interior unique, thanks to endless customization options. Black details on the instrument panel and the tunnel recall the Black Badge’s main theme.

The elegant sedan marks the introduction of a new design language for the brand, defined as ‘post-opulence’ by its designers. Still striving for luxury, but no longer following the path of extravagance or overabundance.

The 6.75-litre V12 engine provides 29 hp more and reaches 600 hp. The automatic ZF transmission has been enhanced to 8 gears. The torque was increased by 50 Nm up
to 900 Nm.

A concept that is perfectly in line with the fittings of the Black Badge, where black dominates the visual experience of the car, aside from being the darkest hue of production varnish ever used in the automotive industry. A result that could be obtained thanks to the special colour applications performed by hand, but above all, thanks to the high quantities of paint used in the process: 45 kilograms of black paint to cover the bodywork of the Ghost from one end to the other. The same attention has been paid to the distinctive traits of the brand – the Spirit of Ecstasy and the Pantheon Grille – components that now feature a 1-micrometre-thick hand-polished black chrome plating.

The powertrain and automatic transmission were recalibrated to handle the extra power without losing the comfortable car handling. The exhaust system and brakes were also adjusted.

The 21-inch alloy rims are also black painted, with a specific design visibly dedicated to the Black Badge model. Each rim is moulded by intersecting 44 layers of carbon fibre, which are then wrapped on a 3D-printed aluminium hub. Of course, the level of luxury reaches even higher inside the cabin. Wood, carbon fibre, and leather as far as the eye can see make every interior unique thanks to endless customization options.

The luxurious interiors are finished with mouldings with exposed carbon fibres and feature strictly black accessories like clocks and air vents to imbue the two-tone interiors with
a noir-style feel.

The black details on the instrument panel and the tunnel recall the Black Badge’s main theme, while on the passenger side, the dashboard has been enriched with 850 ‘stars’. If the customer wishes, the Rolls-Royce Ghost can be embellished with an embroidered infinity symbol on the seats, the distinctive element of every Black Badge.

In addition to extreme luxury, the top-of-the-range version of the Ghost has even more refined mechanics and trim. The 6.75-litre V12 engine provides 29 hp more than a standard model, reaching 600 hp, while the torque has been boosted to 900 Nm (+50 Nm). The powertrain and the ZF 8-speed automatic transmission were recalibrated to handle the extra power without sacrificing the comfortable handling of the car.

V12 6.750 cm3

600 hp

900 Nm at 1700 rpm

Automatic 8 gears

Restricted to 250 km/h

400.000 € (approximate – March 2022)

(Rolls-Royce, Black Badge ghost – – March 2022)