Rolls-Royce and Ferretti Group together for sustainability

Rolls-Royce Power Systems and Ferretti Group are collaborating to realize sustainable solutions for future yachts. The first project is to install an MTU hybrid propulsion system of Rolls-Royce in a new Ferretti yacht.

Alberto Galassi, CEO of Ferretti Group and Andreas Schell, CEO from Rolls-Royce Group’s Power Systems Division, signed the agreement on 8 September 2021 in Cannes during the Yachting Festival. As Galassi said, Ferretti Group has reported rapid growth and development, “but, if we want to continue to grow” he added “it is essential to address the economic, environmental and social impacts produced by our activities and to mitigate our footprint”

High performance, low emissions

Rolls-Royce will supply a fully integrated hybrid MTU propulsion solution with an output of approximately 1,432 kilowatts per powertrain, comprising two 12-cylinder Series 2000 M97 diesel engines, electric drive modules, gearboxes, batteries, control and monitoring systems, other electronic components and a Selective Catalytic Reduction system (SCR) for compliance with IMO III regulations.

 “We are very pleased to bring new high-tech solutions to the market with our long-standing partner Ferretti Group,” said Andreas Schell. A hybrid propulsion system is also a response to stricter emission regulations in many ports and regions all over the world. In pure electric drive mode, no sulphur, nitrogen oxide or particulate emissions are exhausted.

The focus on sustainability

“Customers in the yacht industry are increasingly asking for sustainable solutions and we are vehemently supporting this course with our sustainability programme NetZero at Power Systems”, added Schell. Rolls-Royce will certify its 2000 and 4000 engine series for fuels such as e-diesel and second-generation biofuels from 2023, enabling climate-neutral cruising. In addition to using sustainable fuels, the company is building on new technologies such as CO2-free fuel cell systems.

A custom-line 106 yacht from Ferretti will be fitted with an MTU propulsion system as a pilot installation later this year that is IMO-III compliant, allowing it to sail in specially protected areas (ECA zones such as the North American coast, the Caribbean, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea). The SCR exhaust after-treatment, supplied by Rolls-Royce with the 16V2000 M97L MTU engines as an integrated system, significantly reduces particulate and nitrogen oxide emissions.

Moreover, from the beginning of 2021, all MTU engines for Ferretti yachts will be delivered with digital MTU-Go solutions. This enables the yacht operator to monitor the engines remotely himself or to leave this to the MTU Customer Care Centre. In this way, operator data can be analysed in the future and recommendations for action for better performance and availability of the engines can be derived and maintenance planned.

(Rolls-Royce and Ferretti Group together for sustainability – – September 2021)