Riva 68’ Diable, perfect balance

Riva’s Diable is a boat with a balanced design. Perfect for a young and dynamic buyer who loves sailing in freedom and great style

by Mariateresa Campolongo – photo by Alberto Cocchi

Having always been synonymous with quality and elegance, Riva is the brand that, more than any other, is associated in the popular imagination with Italian know-how. Every single unit launched by the yard manages to be pleasingly contemporary while at the same time representing a piece of history – and not just nautical history – in which all of us can see ourselves. That is why just as soon you go on board a new model from the brand, you always think: “It is a Riva!”. The latest arrival is Riva 68’ Diable: it is beautiful, clean, refined and fun. What does it have in common with the other models? Timeless fascination and elegance.

The area under the hard top is furnished with two facing sofas. The bridge, which has places for two people, is in carbon fibre trimmed with stainless steel.

Just as Lucio Fontana’s ‘Concetto spaziale: attese’ (Spacial concept: expectations) artwork – located inside the master cabin – expresses the thoughts of the artist in a few clear and decisive strokes, so does the Riva 68’ Diable present a singular purity in the exterior which has been designed by Mauro Micheli. There are just a few curves, but they are masterfully handled, a product of the genius of the designer, who was the founder, along with Sergio Beretta, of Officina Italiana Design. They give life to a deck boat with a sporty character, but one that doesn’t lose its feeling of elegance and grace.


The interiors feature contrasts in colour between the dark of the wenge wood and the whites of the furniture and ceilings. The layout has three cabins and a well-fitted galley, with enough room to easily house six people.

In the exteriors the tradition of the yard is kept alive in various details, such as the line just above the waterline in the characteristic aquamarine Riva colour; the use of mahogany in the horizontal strips on the stern and the cockpit table; the shiny stainless steel in the grab handles on the sides of the superstructure. The windscreen, which has been made with spherical crystals, has a slight counter-curve which accentuates the family feeling with the other models from the yard.

Allure, elegance and Riva skill shape the 68’ Diable, which features a streamlined exterior created from a few, simple lines.

20.67 metres long by 5.29 wide, the Riva 68’ Diable is partially covered by a hard top made in carbon fibre and composite material and is integrated with the windscreen which gives a dynamic and compact outline to the boat and also delivers greater flexibility in the use of the boat, even at the hottest time of the day. An electrically-operated bimini has been included in the end part of the hard top to protect the sofa/chaise longue area from the sun. The central area of the main deck, under the hard top, has been designed with two L-shaped sofas facing one another which is good for getting together with people. You can have lunch on the port side, and as an optional you can also have a table on either side. The access to the lower deck is between the two sofas, and it is there that you can immediately sense the Riva style – both because of the attention and quality of the details and also because of the use of colours and materials. These include glossy wenge wood, mirrored and brush-finish surfaces, steel and lacquer both opaque and shiny, leather and skin elements in blue, white and grey, both light and dark.

Going below, you are immediately welcomed by an open space area with a galley and dinette. The use of white and mirrored surfaces makes the area feel bigger and the room has light and comfortable air to it. The accommodation area has three cabins for six people, with the master cabin midships, and the VIP room in the bows, both of them with en suite bathrooms, and there is also a twin room to port, with the bathroom to starboard which also works as a day head. The whole interior design project takes shape from just a few guidelines, and that produces a stripped-down, carefully thought-out and well-organised feel. The distinct contrast between the light and dark surfaces in the interiors stimulates visual perception, making the rooms interesting and dynamic. The fascination of Riva deck boats can be found on the 68’ Diable both in its exterior lines and because of the possibility of having fun and relaxing while underway in the open areas in the stern and the bow, with sofas and sun pads.

Everything has been painstakingly thought out to ensure that the boat is easy to use. For example, when the swimming platform is moved, the port-side steps on the stern become partially submerged, revealing others in the hull and thus creating a single line of steps, useful for getting in and out of the water. Still on the port side in the stern you find the entrance to the crew area, with a single cabin and separate bathroom. Fun is guaranteed, thanks to the tender and toys the boat carries. The first unit of the 68’ Diable has fitted a pair of straight-shaft V-drive MAN V12s each developing 1,650 mhp. That enables it to top out at as much as 40 knots, with 34 knots cruising speed. The 68’ Diable is available in all of Riva’s colour range: the first has been done in the traditional shark grey, with details and a hard top in bright black.

Engine room
The boat comes with two MAN V12s and you can choose between the 1,550 or 1,650 horsepower versions, each of which reaches 2300 rpm. The top speed they produce is respectively 37 and 40 knots.

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Mauro Micheli, Officina Italiana Design

LOA 20.67m
Length 20.06m
LWL at full load 16.97m
Maximum beam 5.29m
Draft under the propellers (at full load) 1.78m
Light mass displacement 37 t
Full load displacement 44 t
No. of people on board 16 max


2 x MAN V12 1650
Outlet mechanical power 1,650 mhp / 1,213 kW at 2300/min
Range at the cruising speed: 250 NM

2,780,000 € Excl. VAT, as standard (September 2022)

(Riva 68’ Diable, perfect balance – Barchemagazine.com – September 2022)