Riva 66 Ribelle, the beauty of consistency

Riva 66 Ribelle is a 20-metre boat with a design that is clearly inspired by the traditions of the shipyard from Sarnico. It is the creation of Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta of Officina Italiana Design, and is a courageous boat unafraid to buck the trend, with a consistent design: inside, outside and underway

by Luca Sordelli – photo by Maurizio Paradisi and Alberto Cocchi

The new Riva 66’ Ribelle draws inspiration from the smaller models in the range. Just over 20 metres long, it has a displacement of 46 tonnes when fully loaded but, as Mauro Micheli and Sergio Beretta from Officina Italiana Design pointed out, in spite of its size, it has close stylistic ties with the Rivale and Rivarama. The aim is a clear and direct reference to the shipyard’s past, to Riva’s traditional stylistic features. And it is no coincidence that the boat took shape in Sarnico itself, on the shore of Lake Iseo.

Riva 66 Ribelle

It is a beautiful craft, with a strong character and an appropriate name: Ribelle, which means ‘rebel’ in Italian, is a decidedly unconventional boat. You need courage to build a large yacht inspired by something small. The opposite happens all the time: small boats copy big ones, in an attempt to appear more important than they are.

Only a brand like Riva and designers as prestigious as the studio from Bergamo can get away with this type of luxury. The 66’ Ribelle has a flybridge, but you can’t see it, or at least not until you are on board. This ‘trick’ is perfectly in line with the boat’s spirit of true sporting luxury: there are no compromises anywhere, beginning with the ship’s volumes, but this does not detract from the pleasure of steering the craft or its appearance in the water. The design embraces and feeds this philosophy, so there is no ‘upstairs’, at least visibly. Similarly, there is no additional living area at the bow. Everything has been left clean and linear, with a large, sporty and aggressive sundeck, reminiscent of boats of the past.

Riva 66 Ribelle

Even the boundless windscreen slopes backwards extremely steeply, in a single section that stretches back towards the stern and the two ‘wings’ (another blatant reference to classic yachting) that extend out from the ‘non-fly’. It is clear at first glance that this sportfly has been designed to travel quickly.

Inside the Riva 66 Ribelle, little changes. There is impressive consistency between the outside and the inside: both are designed with a lot of courage, refusing to follow trends and recalling classic design.

Riva 66 RibelleOfficina Italiana Design has therefore been able to pull out all the stops, opting for solid mahogany, a lot of steel, dark colours and gloss black lacquering, all choices that could have led to a heavy, sombre and ‘old’ style. But instead the miracle they performed with the Rivale has been repeated. Everything is powerful, but simultaneously light and well-balanced. The dominant feature is the large central saloon, which is at the heart of the 66’ Ribelle. Entering is like going back in time: this is authentic, classic Riva, absolutely stunning and extraordinarily stylish. 

And what about when you switch on the engines? The displacement tonnage is certainly demanding, but with two 1,550 hp Man V12 engines there is no shortage of power, and the hull, designed by Riva’s engineers, is a true pleasure to take for a spin across the sea, yielding and extremely precise. Particularly striking is how enjoyable it is at the helm, thanks in part to the servo-assisted steering.

The maximum speed is in line with Riva’s past creations, at above 37 knots, while it cruises at 33 knots with the comfort you might expect in a top-floor office of a Manhattan skyscraper. As for the fuel consumption, at full power it exceeds 600 litres/hour, or 16 litres/mile. At cruising speed, meanwhile, it is around 510 litres/hour, or 15.2 litres/mile.

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Riva Yacht
Sede Produttiva Sarnico (BG)
Headquarter Ferretti S.p.A.
Via Ansaldo, 7
47122 – Forlì (FC) – Italia
T. (+39) 0543-787511

Design Officina Italiana Design • Naval Architecture Ufficio Tecnico Cantiere

HULL LOA 20.54m Waterline length 16.98m Maximum beam 5.29m Draft 1.8m Light mass displacement 39,500 kg Full mass displacement 46,500 kg Fuel tank volumes 3,800 lWater tank volume 710 l

MAIN PROPULSION 2 MAN V12 1550 Outlet mechanical power 1,140 kW – 1,550 hp Number of cylinders 12 Bore&Stroke 128mm x142mm Total swept volume 24.2Compression ratio 15.5:1 Maximal rotational speed 2300/min Weight 2,165 kg


(Riva 66 Ribelle, the beauty of consistency – Barchemagazine.com – December 2018)