Rio Yachts Daytona 34, sporty spirit

Rio Yachts is celebrating its sixtieth year with a model that is faithful to the yard’s sporty spirit. The Daytona 34 with two 300 hp Mercury Verados does over forty knots top speed

by Francesco Michienzi – photo by Andrea Muscatello

THE DAYTONA BY RIO YACHTS IS AN UNINHIBITED OPEN SPORTS BOAT. Its lines are clean and essential, just what you would expect from a boat that delivers excellent performance. It is set up to fit two outboards, up to two 400 hp Mercurys, but the yard normally installs two 300 Verados. It isn’t just extremely quick to start planning but does so without dropping its stern down at all, and it is always nicely balanced so that every speed can be kept without needing to use the engine trim. You just need 4.5 seconds to find the right balance. The trim can be useful to gain one to two knots in achieving the highest speeds when the propeller needs to breathe.

Rio Yachts Daytona 34
The dashboard is equipped with a twelve-inch Garmin monitor that controls all of the onboard equipment and provides all the information needed during navigation.

The reason why this all works so well is that the weight has been well distributed and – above all – because of the shape of the hull. That is thanks to the work done by Piergiorgio Scarani, who has been able to keep the family tradition alive by focussing on the nautical qualities of every model produced. The combination with the two 300 hp Mercury Verado outboards gives the 34-footer agility and reactivity that make it fun to helm, even when doing the tightest of turns.  The engines are always ready to get the hull up and planning in less than five seconds and feel as if they react immediately. The boat tilts enough to allow high speed throughout turns without feeling the negative centrifugal effects that tend to throw people out of boats that stay parallel to the water. This means you can have a turning radius of around fifteen meters at high speed.

There is a lot of room aboard and the walkaround configuration means you can move easily while protected by the gangways, which are equipped with solid handrails. The sofa in the cockpit has a back that folds down in the middle so that it becomes a second sun pad. But when the seat is up, it has a dual role: as the forward-facing sofa in the cockpit and also for the linear sofa that looks aft. The two outboards are surrounded by the sofa and by two lateral swimming platforms. It is as if the engines were wrapped by the stern of the Daytona.

Daytona 34

The central block, which is protected by the T-Top, contains seats for the helm and assistant, grill plate, and fridge.

And that is why having a sofa that also looks to the stern, and thus to the sea, is an added value. It is simple and functional. Just like the central console. And it is central, in a symmetrical way, with two wide gangways on either side that extend deep into the bows. Even if a lot of passengers came on board – and the boat is certified to carry a maximum of twelve – it wouldn’t be a problem for them to get around from stern to bow and vice-versa. The dashboard and the sofa for the helm and assistant are protected by a fabric T-Top and a very sporty-looking windscreen.

Under deck there is a luminous cabin with a central double bed, a second double berth aft of the stairs under the cockpit, and a generously sized bathroom.
Rio Yachts Daytona 34
Rio Yachts Daytona 34

The length overall is just under eleven meters, but it’s certified under the ten-meter limit, and as well as having room on deck, there are also the interiors, which include four berths and a bathroom in a separate room. Even though it is a ten-meter natante it can deliver a family weekend cruise.

Rio Yachts Daytona 34
The sun pad is welcoming, with the tilting backrest available to increase the surface or to become the back of the sofa that will seat diners around the table, which can disappear automatically into the deck. The other seats are on the sides and both hide large lockers.

The outboard engines ensure a sporty performance. The yard offers a pair of 300 hp Mercury Verados, but you can fit as much as two 400 hp engines.

Rio Yachts Daytona 34

Engine data
With two outboard V8, 4,600 cc Mercury Verados each developing 224 kW/300 hp the Daytona 34 has a top speed of 41 knots. At cruising speed, it uses three liters every nautical mile traveled.

Rio Yachts
Via Passerera, 6/D
I-24060 Chiuduno (BG)
T. +39 035 927301

HULL: LOA 10.50m Length 9.73m Beam 3.50m Draft 0.87m Light mass displacement 5,700 kg Fuel tank volume 920 l Water tank volume 80 l Berths 2+2 Bathroom 1 Max No. of people on board 12

MAIN PROPULSION: 2xMercury Verado 300 Outlet mechanical power 224 kW (300 hp) 8 V-shaped cylinders Swept volume 4.6 l Bore&Stroke 92mm x 86mm Maximal rotational speed 6000/min Weight 272 kg


PRICE: Starting from 200,000 , Excl.VAT (September 2021)

(Rio Yachts Daytona 34, sporty spirit – – September 2021)