Suzuki, re-using lithium-ion batteries

New environmental advances by Suzuki, which has developed technology for reusing lithium-ion batteries

Suzuki Motor Corporation has developed an innovative technology to reuse small lithium-ion batteries, collected from scrapped but still operational vehicles, to power solar-powered streetlights in Japan. This was made possible thanks to the non-profit activity using the net surplus generated by Japanese vehicle scrapping taxes.


The new technology allows batteries collected from ten scrapped vehicles to be reused as batteries for a solar-powered street lamp and paves the way for the efficient use of this type of battery, which is set to increase in the future.

The technology developed will be made available to the public as a product of Suzuki’s non-profit work to develop and share new technologies that contribute to the development of a sustainable society.

(Reusing lithium-ion batteries, Suzuki tries – – May 2022)