Ranieri Cayman 28 Sport Touring, Sport and Touring

Ranieri Cayman 28 Sport Touring is a large rib, but not too large, towable, with clever spaces on board and a sporty yet safe hull

RIBS OF AROUND 8-9 METRES make the ideal long-time solution for many, provided, engines included, they fall within budget. They are boats which have the size and weight to bear up in rough seas, allowing you to get out as much as you like, can accommodate several people on board and, if you like some speed over the water, with the right horsepower, will give you the feel to meet expectations.

The Cayman 28 Sport Touring by Ranieri International is in some ways the synthesis of all that, positioning itself in a range of boats attractive for day-boaters, for use with family or with friends, for trips along the coast or cruises further afield. Just as the 31-footer, the Cayman 28 Sport Touring has a driving console with incorporated changing space and toilet recessed in a special compartment to the right, which can also be equipped with a front drawer refrigerator. Even the layout mirrors the larger model, with watertight compartments in the bow convertible into sunbathing area with removable table and living area aft with U-shaped sofa and table.

The driving position is central located with a sliding door and windshield incorporating a stainless steel handrail. Engine instruments on top of the dashboard, radio in the foreground and compass to the left are complemented by a graphically etched switch panel, hydraulically powered steering wheel and comfortable footrest. This is because the Cayman series is designed mainly for stand-up driving, and so the leaning post behind is adequately cushioned and comfortable. Its rear is then inset with a covered sink and a gas cooker, so a meal can easily be whipped up on board.

The Cayman 28 we tested has bolted to the stern two four-cylinder Suzuki DF200AP engines, lighter and more sparing than the previous models, with which we registered very interesting consumption data. At full throttle, with the trim at 50% and a speed of 44.9 knots, we burned 122 liters per hour,that means 1.3 l/nm per engine with a range of about 130 miles starting with a full tank. Otherwise you have to sail at 30 knots (4000 rpm) burning 53 l/h, that means less than 1 l/m per engine. This rib is responsive to controls and the power output of the engine, taking only 8.7 seconds to reach 30 knots from scratch. It is fun to hazard an unusual manoeuvre every now and again, a sudden change in direction or tight turn, and it starts to plane, without pitching up, in no time at all (3.8’’). The tubes provide stability at every instant as well as a soft landing from atop a wave. At helm, you immediately realize you are dealing with a lively boat and so you should always use the opportune kill cord, but, in any case, it is a safe craft, suitable for boaters with just a little experience in managing the installable horsepower and obtainable high speeds, which lead you to really appreciate the lumbar support of the leaning post and the excellent visibility guaranteed.

Full sunbathing area at bow 2.10 m W x 2.26 m L • Full sunbathing area at stern 2 m W x 1.63 m L

Motonautica F.lli Ranieri S.r.l.
Loc. Caldarello
I – 88068 Soverato (CZ)
T. Cantiere +39 0967 25839
T. Centro Prove +39 0967 21920
[email protected]

Project: Ranieri International technical department

Hull: Building material: DCPD resin deck, vinylester + isophtalic resin hull, termanto reinforcements, metallic and custom gelcoat, polyurethane and solid spruce resin coated for both frame side and floor, Tubes made of Orca Pennel or Novurania fabric of 1670 dtex • LOA 8.55 m • Length 6.30m • Max beam 3.40m • Beam 2.45m • Tubes diameter 0.68m • Max people on board 20 • Max power rated 2×250 hp • Towable • Fuel tank capacity 450 l • Water tank capacity 135 l

Engine: Suzuki DF200AP • Multi-Point Sequential Electronic Fuel Injection • 4 cylinders in line • Swept volume 2,867 cc • Bore&Stroke 97mm x 97mm • Max power rated 200 hp (147 kW) at 500-600 rpm • Alternator 44 A • Dry weight 228 kg

EC Certification: CAT B

Price: 60,000 € (excl.VAT) Bare boat

(Ranieri Cayman 28 Sport Touring, Sport e Touring – Barchemagazine.com – May 2016)