Quick Spa – The new MC² Quick Gyro X10 is small and powerful

With the video “MC² Quick Gyro X10: the Gyro you were waiting for” Quick Spa presents the new X10 gyro stabiliser model to the public

The new X10 gyro stabiliser has been designed to meet the needs of 35′ to 45′ boats, OEMS and refit market operators. MC² Quick Gyro X10 is part of both the MC² Quick Gyro DC stabiliser range for 12V installations, which features a plug and play installation, and the MC² Quick Gyro AC stabiliser range, ideal for boats up to 250 tons.

New MC² Quick Gyro X 10 main features include a powerful and responsive system with extremely reduced weight and size, a noise level of less than 70 decibels, and the natural dissipation system that has become Quick’s trademark for the entire MC² Quick Gyro stabiliser range.

“Sales of gyroscopic stabilizers in the nautical market are steadily increasing, which is why Quick Spa has worked tirelessly to meet the needs of shipowners and shipyards by introducing a new model with great performance and reduced size and weight – comments Michele Marzucco, President & CEO of Quick SpA We are proud of the result, as the X10 completes our large family of twelve models“.

The MC² Quick Gyro stabilizer is designed, engineered, and manufactured by Quick Spa and features a rotating mass on a horizontal axis. This solution results in less mechanical stress, less friction, and therefore less heat generation. The MC² Quick Gyro is a natural dissipation system; therefore, it does not require additional water pumps or sea intakes, as water-cooled systems do. The Quick Gyro outriggers range from the X2 model up to the X56 model. Regardless of the type of boat on which they are to be installed, the MC² Quick Gyro stabilizer offers different sizes and solutions.

(Quick Spa – The new MC² Quick Gyro X10 is small and powerful Barchemagazine.com – March 2021)