Quick Spa, looking to the future

Quick is a company that specialises in boat components. An Italian industry flagship, its handover from one generation to the next has taken place with great efficacy and composure. Its turnover reached 38 million euros in 2019

by Francesco Michienzi

There are over 700,000 family-run businesses in Italy, accounting for 85% of the country’s economic fabric. These high added-value firms inevitably reach a point when the business has to be handed on to the next generation. This may come about due to chance circumstances or as the result of a natural transition. Quick, which specialises in boat components and equipment, is something of a special case. When its founding partners were asked to sell the company, Chiara and Carlo, the children of Michele Marzucco, presented a plan to take over the running of the company, to Michele’s great surprise. He didn’t expect such a peremptory request. Deep in his heart, he’d always hoped that his children would come to share his passion for this work, but he’d restricted himself to guiding them towards study programmes that would give them the best possible preparation for the future. He had always believed in rewarding merit rather than promoting nepotism. In order for it to be a success, he felt that the handover between the generations should be based on the employees’ acknowledgement of the value added by these young businesspeople. Michele ensured that Chiara and Carlo were in the best possible position for all Quick’s staff to go about their jobs with peace of mind, allowing them to earn their trust rather than “imposing” it from above. And so it was.

Quick Spa

The QNC Quick Nautical Controls series includes the new interpretation of the classic single and double joystick models, the key-operated control, the remote control for the MC2 Quick Gyro stabilizers and the 3.5 “HD widescreen display with full touchscreen technology.


Michele is currently the company chair, while Chiara and Carlo are his two deputy chairs. In greater detail, Michele Marzucco is the managing director and marketing director, Chiara looks after marketing and supports Quick USA and Quick UK, while Carlo coordinates production and supports the technical offices. 

We asked them to tell us about what Quick means today. Michele: «Today, Quick is no longer simply the company I built up with my former business partner Alfonso Peduto, but instead represents a challenge that looks to the future. Over the last two years, the company has been going through a major generational handover, which is a delicate yet very exciting process.
joining the company, my children Carlo and Chiara underwent comprehensive training that enabled them to grow professionally and to benefit the company with new points of view. I am very proud of everything that we have become».

Carlo tells us: «I see the company today as being synonymous with major innovation, both in terms of technology and processes. On the one hand, we’re bringing some important professional figures into Quick, who are helping us boost the company’s growth, while on the other we’re using extremely high-tech automatic machinery to manufacture high-quality products without letting go of the flexibility we have always been known for».

Chiara adds: «If I had to describe Quick today in just one word, I’d say ‘challenge’. It’s a personal and professional challenge that began when my brother and I acquired a stake in the company, but it’s also a challenge in terms of market and growth, which has to be handled correctly. Our decision to work as closely as possible with our clients led us to found Quick USA and Quick UK, whose turnover has recorded a two-figure increase over recent years. The 2019 result achieved by Quick USA (up by around 30%) is emblematic of the major changes and growth we are currently experiencing. This is essentially being driven by our line of gyroscopic stabilisers».

Quick Spa

The Q-SY Quick Synchronous Motors range includes electric motors suitable to be used in all navigation conditions and on all types of boats.



Michele lingers on the significance of the second generation joining the company and how he has supervised their training: «I’d never have thought I’d be able to work with my children. Although Carlo always showed a desire to join the firm, Chiara was gaining work experience in another city. When they put themselves forward, my prospects changed and we set out on our professional path together. Their entry into the firm has made me really proud, particularly because this was their own choice and was not influenced by my wishes. Chiara and Carlo are continuing to grow within the company and their training has taken place on the field, where they are still learning on a daily basis».

We ask Chiara whether the running of the company has now adopted a more feminine approach or whether this is irrelevant? «It’s irrelevant in terms of the running of the company. Of course, a female approach sometimes makes it possible to focus on different issues, so that they can be tackled in a different way». We imagine that there must be arguments between the two generations at times.

We’re interested in finding out how things are resolved and discover that Chiara and Carlo are very clear about this: «We naturally argue about all sorts of diverse issues as part of everyday life, but these moments trigger constructive discussions that provide us with experience and also introduce Michele, our father, to new ideas and paths».

Quick spa

Quick is a company with typically Italian culture and its own unique features. We’re curious about how it tackles the global market. «There’s no strategy, apart from doing our best, just as we have always done. Being Italian is a fundamental attribute for us as manufacturers. We offer 100% Italian-made products on the national and international market, processing the raw materials mechanically at our headquarters in Piangipane (Ravenna) and involving certified local suppliers. This unique aspect is appreciated by the market, which likes our quality, flexibility and the option for product customisation».

The new generation’s ideas are not very different from those of the previous generation when it comes to the key points and values on which the business is based: «Our greatest value is our customer focus. We have always worked hard to centre all our work around our clients, providing comprehensive support. A company demonstrates its strength by working alongside clients and resolving all their requests as quickly as possible. We should never forget that our clients enjoy going to sea, and this is partly thanks to us. We can’t allow their enjoyment to end». 

Quick Division
Quick Nautical Network
The Quick Nautical Network device makes it possible to integrate Quick systems with navigation systems.
Quick Marine Lighting
Underwater, Downlight, Mini Downlight, Antiglare Downlights, Retractable Lamps, Linear Lighting, Wall Lighting, Reading Light, Lampshades, Courtesy Light.
Quick Nautical Equipment
Capstans and Anchoring System, Water Heater, Energy Range, Thruster System.
MC2 Quick Gyro
AC Range, DC Range.
Dealers and network in the world
Quick operates with 110 nations directly or through dealers /distributors. There are more than 80 dealers /distributors all over the world, in addition there are the subsidiaries Quick USA (Baltimore, MD) and Quick UK (Southampton).

(Quick Spa, looking to the future – Barchemagazine.com – January 2020)