Quick presents the MC² Seacentric System stabiliser

At METSTRADE 2022 Quick is presenting an important new development in the field of stabilisation. The MC² Seacentric System, a stabilisation system consisting of the Viator stabilising fins, the Intercepta trim correctors and the already well-known Quick Gyro, a gyroscopic stabiliser with a horizontal axis and natural dissipation, with the aim of guaranteeing 360° stabilisation both at sea and at anchor.

The total is greater than the sum of its parts: Viator, Intercepta and Quick Gyro, products that can also be used as stand-alone, installed together create the MC² Seacentric System. The stabilisation of transversal oscillatory movements (roll) obtained thanks to the Quick Gyro gyro stabiliser is therefore on the one hand reinforced by the action of the Viator fins, and on the other complemented by the stabilisation of longitudinal oscillatory movements (pitch) obtained thanks to the action of the Intercepta trim corrector.


“Quick has worked hard to offer a unique integrated system capable of meeting the needs of every boat owner,” comments Michele Marzucco, CEO Quick. For the first time in the history of international boating, the same company has engineered and produced a stabiliser, fins and trim correctors that perform best on their own and which, when installed together on the same boat, make the most of the different dynamic responses of the systems for unprecedented stabilisation”.

Viator fins

The carbon Viator fins consist of a control unit that analyses and predicts the boat’s dynamics. In this way it can intervene on the stabilisation algorithms, adapting to different situations at sea. Powered by high-efficiency synchronous motors, the system formed by the fin and motor features a shaftless mounting that ensures greater safety in the event of impacts.

The design of the Viator fins has been optimised through fluid-dynamic simulation in order to reduce boat speed as little as possible. Quick claims that ‘for the same fin size it is able to stabilise larger boats’ compared to the competition.


To date, the range consists of five models: VT700 (for boats from 50′ to 65′), VT900 (for boats from 60′ to 80′); VT1200 (for boats from 70′ to 100′), VT1700 (for boats from 85′ to 120′) and VT2000 (for boats from 100′ to 145′).

Intercepta trim correctors

The Intercepta trim corrector is a fully plug-and-play system that acts through the central unit by reading and predicting the boat’s dynamics. Intercepta are powered by a 10-30V motor.

In addition to dampening pitching when sailing, Quick’s Intercepta are designed to improve the boat’s performance when turning, fuel consumption and boat dynamics.

To date, the range consists of five models: IN30, IN45, IN60, IN75, IN100 for boats from 20′ to 130′. Multiple installations of up to six units are envisaged.

The integration of Viator and Intercepta with Quick Gyro aims to optimise the active algorithms that coordinate the behaviour of the individual systems. This results in improved static and dynamic stabilisation both at sea and at anchor. There is also the possibility of installing smaller systems by adding up the torque developed by each device compared to non-communicating stand-alone systems.  Finally, there is greater efficiency on hydrodynamic efficiency, weight distribution and more generally on the boat’s consumption.

“MC² Seacentric System is the first step for Quick in a new path, partly started in 2017 with Quick Gyro. A path with defined milestones and great news for the future.  We have a very ambitious goal: to become the benchmark not only in the field of stabilisation but also in technologically advanced, high value-added systems with an important software component.” Michele Marzucco, CEO Quick.

(Quick presents the MC² Seacentric System stabiliser – barchemagazine.com – November 2022)