Quick Marine Lighting, the allure of light

Quick’s mission has always been to ensure maximum comfort on board, both indoors and out, in part through its high-quality and spectacular lighting products

by Massimo Longoni

Lighting is increasingly important for successful boat interior design, crucial for giving style, depth and beauty to the various environments on board a yacht. Often overlooked in favour of other aspects, it should be of primary importance and paid close attention from the earliest stages of the design. Since its foundation, Quick has researched the best solutions for making life on board more comfortable, producing lighting fixtures that create the perfect atmosphere.

Over the past year, Quick has invested considerable sums in improving its historic lighting range. Each technological innovation is the result of meticulous work by the company’s engineers and designers, who analyse the product in depth and are responsible for every step in its creation, right through to studying the lighting engineering of the rooms and the installation. The Italian company has unveiled some major new restyling and engineering, in particular on some of the Quick Marine Lighting ranges. Its vast catalogue contains objects with a soft, rounded design, more contemporary styles, unique layouts and linear and indirect lights, created specifically to enhance the design of yacht interiors.

Quick Marine Lighting

The biggest innovation can be seen in ranges of new LED downlights, such as the AG Series, which includes Nikita AG, along with the Ely AG courtesy lights. The aim is to ensure functional lighting in space with a final anti-glare effect. Downlights are generally recessed, and direct the light towards specific details. In the new versions, the direct glare effect has been reduced significantly, meaning the lighting can be used without any discomfort and in line with individual needs.

Quick SpA has also completed a major revamp of various ranges of LED downlights, including Xp Fp and Secret Light, reinventing them with a flat design. The work on these products by Quick’s designers combines pure and integrated design with the utmost flexibility when it comes to their specific application and the surrounding spaces. The new versions have an ultra-thin frame that blends into the architecture, which can therefore easily be inserted either into the ceiling or into furniture, such as tables and sofas.


quick marine lighting

One example of this is the restyling of the retractable lamp Secret Light; the new model, Secret Flat, can be installed flush with the surface. Another addition to the Quick Marine Lighting range is Ondaled, a new recessed flexible light bar.

Ondaled Top 10 is narrower and offers superior lighting performance compared to other products of a similarly petite size. The light quality interacts with the boat’s furnishings, geometry, and materials, giving the environment a more homely feel. The new version measures 10 x 10 mm, while the length remains customisable. 

(Quick Marine Lighting, the allure of light – Barchemagazine.com – December 2019)